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    California: Go to gunstore with Driver's License, Utility Bill, and Cash. You must 21, no felonies, a lawful resident, never renounced your citizenship, never adjudicated a danger to yourself or others, and no restraining orders, or misdemeanors for violence. Take a 20 question test on how handguns work and handgun safety. Pass the test. Get the Certificate. Buy the gun. Pass the driver's license check. Buy an approved gun safe or gun lock, or prove you have a gun safe (receipt). Come back in ten days. Pick up your handgun.

    The process to purchase a handgun varies widely from state to state. It could be as simple as going to a gun store, filling out the ATF 4473 form, getting an instant background check (NICS), and leaving with your new gun. Other states require you to apply for a firearms permit first, which in some states can take several months to obtain. For a good reference to what is required in your state, go to and click on your state to download a PDF explaining its laws. Or you could just go to a local gun store and ask them what the process is.

    In Garfield Heights I can do three things: regular way: go to a store, pick out a pistol, have utility bill, Garfield Heights DL and HSC card. fill out ATF 4473. Garfield Heights DL, utility bill and HSC photocopied. be fingerprinted. pass background check pay for gun, pay for tax, pay for lock, pay for DROS fee. wait 10 days (in some cases 11 or 12 days) and go pick up the gun with purchase receipt. slightly faster way: obtain a C&R license, have Garfield Heights DL and HSC go to a (real) gunstore and pick out a C&R elgible consigned or PPT sale pistol fill out ATF 4473, Garfield Heights DL, C&R license, HSC photocopied. be fingerprinted pass background check pay for gun, PPT or FFL fee, pay for lock lock gun and put within a container (like a box) before leaving store. fastest way (I haven't tried this yet) go online pick a gun like you like that's C&R elgible. send store C&R license pay for gun, shipping 1-7 days later, UPS delivers to your door and you need to sign for gun. a C&R license is the most basic level of a Federal Firearm License, it is to allow a person to more easily obtain firearms to facilitate a collection and get around controls like the DROS fee and sales tax. Basically it will get around the 10 day wait because its is a transfer of a firearm between two dealers. Thing is, California doesn't fully recognize a C&R license to be a valid FFL license, so I'm not entirely sure whether a C&R holder in Garfield Heights i allowed to immediate posses a firearm after purchase. Its legal on a federal level though.

    Connecticut: Walk into gun store. Bring pistol permit, driver's license, and cash. Select handgun of my choosing. Present pistol permit # and other I.D. Pass background check. Fill out 4473. Fill out DPS-3 Forms (one is sent to the State Police, and one to your local authority. You get a copy as well.) Wait another 15 minutes. Hand the clerk the cash. He is *legally* required to fit it with a trigger lock before you walk out with it. All set, walk out with it the same day.

    Where u live would help a lot when answering this in Garfield Heights u have to be 21 walk into a gunstore....tell them which gun u want..they call in background check....which takes about 5 minutes or less...then u fill out a 4473 form for it and walk out with ur new gun.......don't forget to buy ammo.... ** also since i have a ccw permit i no longer have to have background check just walk in fill out a 4473 and pay for a gun walk out and go shooting.... **also most states allow anyone 18 or older to buy a handgun from a private individual....but again depends on state.... ** most states also allow ppl under 18 to own guns with their parents permission....tho they cannot carry them .....

    Pick one out that you like. Fill out a 4473. Wait about 5 minutes. If you pass, pay for the gun and walk out the door. In the state that I live in, there is no waiting period.

    Depends on what state you live in. Here in colorado, go to the gun store. Fill out the paper work. Pick it up about an hour later.

    1: Go to gun store, pick out a good one. 2: Pass background check. 3: Drop cash.

    1) Find what I want at the overpriced gun store. 2) Buy online for much cheaper. 3) Call my FFL buddy so he can do the paperwork 4) Pick it up from him 5) Go shoot it

    Pay, fill out some papers, and pick it up 3 days later. Or buy one off the street

What is a good secured credit card?

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