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    I live in Hilliard and I rent. My landlord has me mail in my rent and I did on the 31st (my husband is government we get paid the 1st and 15th). I sent it certified mail, well he calls and tells me two days ago that it wasnt recieved yet. I tracked it and he's right it has not arrived, now i've filed a complaint with the postal service and we're working on finding out where it is. My question is if it is lost, it's a money order, what am I supposed to do for the rent money, can they cahrge me a late fee even if I mailed it on time? What if it's never found?

    I would make sure you keep your landlord up to date on everything going on with this situation. They can charge a late fee, check your rental agreement. They can also serve you with a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. This is why I advise you to keep them informed. Some landlords are very understanding to things like this as long as they do not occur every month. Have you called the company that you bought the money orders from yet? You can usually check over the phone whether they have been cashed or not. If not, they will mail you a claim form. I believe there is also a charge. You have to double check with them. If they have not been cashed by anyone then they will reimburse you the money minus their cost. This of course does take some time so let your landlord know. Show them your receipts for the money orders and explain to them what you need to do. I know this is frustrating for you and your husband. Everything will work out. Hopefully, it will be delivered to your landlord without any further problems. You may want to discuss with your landlord another way to pay rent besides mailing it. Perhaps, they could pick it up in person once a month. GOOD LUCK!!

    You should read your lease agreement. Late is late, he can charge you late fees unless you have a prior agreement, because of this postal thing. You must have retained all the paper work for your certified mail, go back to that post office and speak to the supervisor or a post master general at that office. You should have a checking account, this other means is a little back water to me, it leaves you in the situation you have now, at least with a checking account you can cancel that check. If your lease, has run out, it also grounds for eviction as with a lease, you've breached the agreement. You've kept your paper work and was able to photocopy this and send it to your landlord as proof your intent was honest and good, you should be fine. It should be rectified really quickly, because all this can get out hand really quick. Best of luck.

    Yes, the owner can charge you a late fee if he didn't get the money on time -- but, he might forebear since you can show that the payment was timely mailed. As for what to do if the letter remains missing, talk to the USPS. In future, set up an automatic payment scheme with your bank; that way, if something goes goofy, the bank will take care of it.

Is it bad to have no credit in your late 30's?

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