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    My fiancee and I are getting married in Santa Clara County, California in August. A good friend of ours is Ordained via an online ordainment. We would like her to wed us, but I have seen a few places that say some states/counties do not acknowledge these. Does anyone know if Santa Clara County, Miamisburg acknowledges online ordainment?

    It appears that it is a legal way for you to get married. See below. Marriages Performed by Clergy or Judges Marriage ceremonies may be arranged by the couple with any member of the clergy, including non-denominationals, who, by virtue of their ordination or assignment of their religion have been given the "office" to perform such rites. After the ceremony has been performed, the license should be completed, with the signatures of the officiant and the witnesses, and returned by the officiant to the Clerk-Recorder for recordation. Similarly, any Judge, or Retired Judge, or designated Court official can perform marriage ceremonies. Check with the official for information on fees and availability. Marriages Performed by a Person Other than Clergy or Judges Couples with a valid license may choose to have a friend or relative of their choice especially deputized to perform their marriage. To make arrangements to have such a person deputized as a "One-Time Deputy Marriage Commissioner", the person making the request should come to the Clerk-Recorder's Office during Marriage License business hours. The individual must have current government issued identification such as a passport or driver's license to apply. The information required for the completion of the application is as follows: the bride's and groom's names, the date and location of the wedding ceremony, and the County where the bride and groom will purchase the marriage license. The appointment is valid for the specified wedding and is valid for the date of the wedding and 6 subsequent days to allow for a change of date by the bride and groom. The fee for this service is $80.00, payable by cash, check, or debit card ($2.50 convenience fee applies). Edit: I can't answer for sure, but I took the following mean that it is a legal way for you to be married. Call the courthouse and ask to be sure but I bet it is. "...including non-denominationals, who, by virtue of their ordination or assignment of their religion have been given the "office" to perform such rites. "

I need advice on how to eliminate debt.?

  • Gennaro Thiel
    Gennaro Thiel
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    Einar Ferry
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    Esmeralda Wolff
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  • Maudie Schulist
    Maudie Schulist
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    Tressie Howell
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