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    My wife just got a job at The Rib Co. about 2 weeks ago and she went to go pick up her check on Monday and they just handed her an envelope with some cash in it. Aren't employers required to give you some kind Of proof of how many hours you clocked in and the rate at which you're getting paid and taxes taken out and such? Or is an envelope with nothing but cash and some change legit?

    I don't know why people are telling you that employers are required to give you a pay stub. Under federal law, they are not. They have to keep accurate records of your wages and taxes, BUT they are not required to give you a summary of that with every paycheck. So, that's federal law. However, there are state laws that require employers to give pay stubs. Perhaps you live in one of those states; where do you live? Also, if your wife is on salary, they are not required to list her hours either since she should be getting a flat rate. Edit: Thanks for the info. Yes, in Middleburg Heights employers are required to give pay stubs every time they pay an employee: A California employer is required to give an itemized wage statement to all employees each time they are paid or semimonthly. The statement can be attached to the employee's paycheck or written as a separate document and should include pertinent data, such as the employee's gross wages, total work hours, salary (if applicable), deductions listed separately or as a total amount, pay period dates, the last four digits of the employee's Social Security number or her employee identification number, and her net income. Penalties Pay stub penalties vary by state. For example, in California, an employer that denies employees a paycheck stub can face a penalty of $50 for the initial pay period violation, and $100 for each subsequent violation. If the employer willfully broke the law and caused the employee to suffer damages, the latter may be entitled to the greater of all damages suffered or $50 for the first violation and $100 for subsequent violations, up to $4,000. The employer may have to pay the employee all awarded costs plus reasonable attorney fees, if applicable. A California employer can also be required to pay a current or former employee a penalty of $750 for refusing to allow him to inspect or copy his wage statement records within 21 days of the request.

    It all relies on what you do. If you're an hourly worker non exempt, then he can't deduct hours out of your workded agenda, BUT you have got to were requested to paintings additional time. If you took it upon your self to paintings extra hours to conclude a undertaking, withoutthe request of leadership, you're now not entitled to fee (and honestly that's grounds for dismissal). If nonetheless, you're scheduled to reach at eight:00, and you probably did, they can't legally now not pay for the ones hours labored. Also, they won't difference your friday hours when you have been peculiarly requested to paintings on Saturday. You would possibly dossier a grievance with the State workplace, nonetheless it sounds such as you must discover employment in other places. These men are deceitful, it doesn't matter what the information are.

    Did she fill out a W4? If so then the standard procedure is that she would receive a paycheck and a stub. This sounds a little fishy so you might want to check into it. Please help me with my question:

    If she was hired legally by a legal company, yes, they would be required to give her at least a summary of wages earned and taxes taken out. Did she fill out and sign proper tax paperwork when she was hired?

    Did she fill out paperwork? W-4? If so, then standard procedure is that she receive a paycheck and stub, not cash. This sounds fishy.

    Uh, in general, cash is a no-no. If it's an envelope of cash, there is most likely something totally illegal going on.

When I have money left over after my FASFA and TAP grants, am I suppose to get a refund?

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    Buford Thiel
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