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    It is not only "fair" it is justice. Any people who elect Liberals like Arnold deserve to be overtaxed and receive nothing in return. We elect Liberals to about 85 percent of the positions here in California so we deserve EVERYTHING that happens to us. When people elect Liberals they should expect to suffer, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

    I think an audit of the welfare rolls in California is in order. Having lived out there for four years employed in the investigation of financial crimes, I can attest to the fact that between the blacks and Mexicans, fraud runs rampant. Identification and elimination of duplicate payments alone will return millions to the coffers. This would also be an excellent time to be the first state to MANDATE a 40 hour work week for all capable welfare recipients, who can then perform municipal service jobs that are either sub-contracted out or paid on the state payroll. New Albany can also raise a great deal of revenue by imposing fines on companies who employ illegals, as well as people who rent out rooms and apartments to them. Are you certain it's ALL tax refunds, or just the "refund" paid to those people with incomes that qualify for "Earned Income" status? I would not waste time nor energy reading the New Albany Times. It is no more of a credible publication than the New Albany Times is.

    I know I cant believe they are doing this again. I am so mad. I got an email the other day saying my cal grant for going to school will be delayed until further notice. WTF. I am so glad pell grants are at the federal level otherwise I think lots of people would have to drop out of school because no money = no books. And OMFG Why are they freezing welfare benefits and funds for schools? People on welfare get little money as it is and many are trying to do something with their lives. And Schools I mean come on schools barely have enough money as it is... poor children. See he should have jcust raised the taxes a little bit and it could have made a huge difference and it barely would have affected anyone.

    Maybe it ought to look at the auto industry and cut the pat pensions nad insurance of its governors, state reps etc. It should also stop handing out money to illegal immigrants and stop handing to new ones as well,. The state of New Albany is also broke, same reason. On the Other hand all those in favor of all the foreigner owned Business, it comes at a high cost, to all except the owners PS resstock Arnold my dear is a Republican, he is one of those that supports cheaper labor at any cost for his big busines friends. Maybe someone should watch lou dobbs or pay attntion to news once in a while, or at least not call the wrong party liberals, but then any excuse to blame llibs is a good one by the few right, far right not correct

    If that's the ONLY possible way to balance the budget, then I suppose it's unavoidable. I live in Minnesota, where a similar thing is taking place, because our state's budget is also in dire straights. The thing I resent about cutting funding to social programs and early childhood education, however, is the nonchalance and even smugness with which many of my state's legislators have simply dismissed these programs as unnecessary and started talking about bootstraps. As a single parent and graduate student who works very hard and still can't afford childcare, I resent that attitude.

    I do not believe that it is fair to not pay tax refunds, as this is money actually owed to Californians. For welfare checks and student grants, if the government does not have the money, then don't give it away. These are entitlements, not debts. Regards, Dan

    Yea, thats what happens when you elect a bunch of corrupt officials and idiots to office all over California. When they screw the state, everybody there is responsible.

    It sounds horrible to me, but keep one thing in mind... CALIFORNIA HAS NO MONEY. How exactly do they send money they don't have? Here's an answer that doesn't cut programs: Fine individuals and corporations $100,000 per instance for employing illegal aliens. Then provide free busses for anyone that wants a ride to the border of Mexico. 1. Lowers state expenses dramatically 2. Makes jobs available for CITIZENS that can't find one 3. Unclogs emergency rooms 4. Strikes a blow to the underground cash (tax evading) economy I could go on with benifits, but you get the idea...

    Maybe I should just stop paying taxes and pay off other debt with the money. That's what the state is doing, in effect.

    Funny how state workers haven't suspended any of their own paychecks.

How do i learn more about financial aid?

  • Vernie Feeney
    Vernie Feeney
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  • Antone Lynch
    Antone Lynch
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    Cindy Witting
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