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    Hey every one i am a 19 year old guy college student, i recently got my drivers licence. i will have about 2300 dollars saved in the bank in a few weeks, i want to buy a car under 2000$ since i want to use the remaining 200$ for the registration, luckily my father has offered to pay the insurance X ) -i have checked craigslist and have found Toyota Tercels cheap and some with miles a little over 100xxx, is that car a gas saver and reliable? -i have also found some Saturns, are they cheap and reliable? other cars i have found are Toyota Corollas, Camrys, Nissan Sentras, Honda Civics, Accords.(all are 90's cars) how are these cars? please keep in mind that i really don't care about style, i just want a car that will take me from Home to College and Work. i was going to buy a VW Bug (66-72), ive heard they are not comfortable and heard from some people that the require lots of maintenance( the last thing i need is to spend cash, also i dont have the money nor time to be a hobbyist) by the way i live in North Olmsted California thanks for reading, i will appreciate your advice, and help me find a good used first car, i am really exited.

    Dude, california is the best state to buy a car in, if your 19, get a cheap muscle car off the street, or check local listings

    I don't think I have a $2000 car but I have driven most of the brands you're talking about & I have cars above & below that price. I have a tercel. very reliable. worth $500 1997 2 door. but it has a lot of problems, no air con & is very slow. but still i drive it & never fear dying. I also have a corolla 1997 but worth considerably more, atleast $3000. everything about it is much better. I think Hondas are sportier, but should be more expensive cuz of the demand, not cuz of the quality. Their HP should be higher too. I think Toyotas are more reliable. I think they are also better than Nissans. I also bought my car cuz it would just get me from A to B. I think $2000 should be okay,b ut I wouldn't spend that little, just cuz I know that kinda car wouldn't be great inside, outside & could be dangerous. When I buy cars, I look at the history (check for liens), accidents, mileage, interior & exterior look (clean, no major dings & nicks). Air con is really important these days. Check the handling/steering as well. If the handling is bad, driving on the highway can be dangerous. Check the tires or be willing to buy a set of good tires. If there are a lot of dings & scratches & rust also, you'll know the previous owner treated it like crap. And I wouldn't take that.

    I would very highly recommend honda. i drove a 1995 honda accord from the time that i turned 16 to about 3 years ago when i bought a 2006 pontiac grand prix. my family bought it new in '95 and i just ended up with it when i got my driver's license. (i am 24 now, if that helps put things in perspective.) anyway, i tried so hard to kill that fricken car and nothing worked. i had some other minor problems with it like the power windows getting worn out and the muffler needing to be replaced, but i never had one single issue with the engine or transmission or anything else that would cause a major issue. there's a reason honda has the best resale value. it also got very good gas mileage. when i graduated high school, i went to college 2 hours away and drove my trusty honda the entire time- by the time i traded it in, there were over 200,000 miles on it. i may not have had the coolest car ever, but i definitely had the most reliable!!!

    Congratulations on this next stage of your life - the money pit stage!! :) The imports are reliable, but if you ever do have to fix it, it will cost you an arm and a leg. All cars, doesn't matter what brand name they are, have parts that wear out, so keep this in mind. This will be an issue especially for older cars, or ones with more mileage. See if you can find one that has had a lot of parts replaced. Plus, it is worth it to get an independent mechanic to check it over before you buy it to give you the lowdown on how much is left on the various parts. Perhaps your father can help you with this cost as well. The imports do hold their value better though. Good luck with your purchase.

    What you have to ask yourself is; what is this going to cost you in the end? You are looking at a $2400 repair for a decent car with only 80,000 and relativly newer model. after it is done it will probably be fine and driven without problems for a while unless you are finding more to be wrong. even if you sold it as is, you might get at most $2000 for the car. so if you take the 2400 and 2000 you have 4400 to spend on a new used car. A $4400 car is not the greatest in the world. you are looking at buying a older model, 98 or older, with higher mileage. as that stands, you are looking at problems even sooner again with your new used car, and therefore going to have to spend more money fixing that, because you will never buy a used car without having to fix something. So, i would say fix the car for your 2400, and be done with payments. That is the best thing, no more payments. so, depending on what your monthly payment was, you could still be saving more money by repairing it. ask yourself how much have you saved since the payments were finished, does it outweigh what the repairs will be? just what i think should be done.

    I am not that familiar with a Toyota Tercel. I do not recommend a classic VW Beetle. All those other cars you mentioned are okay. They are all about the same with gas, and they all average about 30+mpg because they are smaller. But remember if you get a car that is too small it isn't as safe as a larger car. You should also look into 80s cars if California lets you have "old" cars. Anything made before the 80s could mean lots of maintenance and they might be boring.

    Toyotas are good on gas, and don't require too much maintenance. We had a camry and it was a great car during the summer (we live near Boston, North Olmsted so in the winter it sucked) Congrats on your license and good luck. really want to pay attention to emissions, like will everything pass and sometimes the parts to foreign cars can be expensive especially Nissan's....I drove my for 200000 miles before it died but I put money into the parts. North Olmsted has the toughest emissions so have someone really check it out. Good Luck :)

    Ok this is how I got my first car go on click on LA. Cal go under the for sale "car/trucks" click on that then type in your price range from $1000-$2000. hope i help thanks for the question


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