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    Ok so i got a $2,300.00 check in the mail today from Mccarthy's Hyundai in Blue Springs, North Ridgeville and From U.S. Bank National Association in Overland Park, KS. The check is made out to me, with home address and all. It's a real check and has watermarks and endorsement lines on the back and everything. Looks like any original paycheck. The MEMO says: Payment Stub and the signature is "Ben D. Johnson". What should i do?

    I did too! I put the posted an item on facebook and they responded using They sent emails to my personal account and as soon as I got the check for $2,200 and sent me instructions on emailing them to and said to cash the check, deduct funds and wire the funds via western credit union. The names involved were Paul Jennings, a Ben D. Johnson from Mccarthy's Hundai, Sam Pataluski from California and Larry Ann on the facebook account. This is obviously a scam and I voided the check and I'm going to the police station tomorrow.

    If you weren't expecting money from them, and are sure this isn't just a fake check advertising gimmick, then call up the dealership and ask about it. It may have been sent to you in error, but I doubt that all your details were entered by mistake. Worst case, it could be identity theft, someone is acting like you.

    Take it to your bank and ask them Odds are it is to be used to buy a new car and not really a check but an advertisement

    Read the fine print. It's a ad scam, not an actual check.

    Pay in the check into your account and see what happens.

    Well... maybe the signature is the guy who had to give it to u or something or maybe he is the one giving u the money LOL IDK

What credit cards (normal or prepaid) can i get if i'm 18 year old and a student (so no job)?

  • Shyann Runolfsdottir
    Shyann Runolfsdottir
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  • Issac Welch
    Issac Welch
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  • Johnnie Hagenes
    Johnnie Hagenes
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  • Chloe Stark
    Chloe Stark
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    Moises Morissette
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