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    I just heard a news story regarding checks issued by the US Treasury Department. Starting in May 2011, no more checks will be issued & sent to the beneficiary! ONLY DIRECT DEPOSIT! Does this mean each of us will be forced into opening an account @ a bank or paying for a debit card? What is happening to the money? Isn't this illegal? It's unfair to take the cash away from the people. We don't all want to use electronic cards with added fees & banks with hidden charges. Is there going to be an alternative offered?

    Riddle me - That's the only alternative? This is all so un-American. I don't want a card. Those machines are germ infested petri dishes. I like picking up my check from my PO Box & instantly converting it into money orders & cash. It's one stop & I'm done for the month. No muss, fuss or bother having to go from place to place to get things done & no risky outdoor machines & pin #'s to remember. I'm a physically disabled individual with PTSD from a violent attack. Why isn't the ACLU getting involved in this? If I could get a bank account, I would. But I don't have a credit card & no one will open one for me without 2 forms of id! Social Security Cards no longer count as acceptable forms of id in California.

    Bostonian - Thank you for the fantastic information. I was typing as you were giving your answer. So, the above explains my situation & concerns. I suppose I should go to the website. But they just reconfigured it & now I've got to relearn how the new site works. I wonder if they would give me a waiver? It sure would be nice. I'll definitely check into it. I don't like the thought of having to keep track of a slippery piece of plastic & having to pay to get it replaced each time I lose it. Cash isn't slippery & it fits nicely into my pocket & keeps me on my tight budget. I never overspend with cash.

    "Is there going to be an alternative offered?" YES, if you don't have an account, they will issue you a debit card similar to the EBT card that replaced food stamps. It is drawn off of an account set up for this purpose only; in other words, you can't make deposits, cash other checks on it, etc.

    Direct deposit has been in effect for many, many years older SS'ers who did receive paper checks were offered a choice, then it became mandatory and any new ones were required to direct deposit this is probably a reminder, it is not new banks have been operating for a good lot of years and with few exceptions they perform an admirable job of keeping your money safe in the case you are unable to qualify for a bank account or credit union, there are always exceptions

    There's no charge for the debit card, although there may be ATM fees if you want to take out cash. The easy way around that is to use the card for purchases and request extra change. There's no fee for that. Most credit unions have very low or no fee accounts for everyone, and virtually all of them have no-fee accounts for seniors. That often includes on-line banking at no charge and some even rebate ATM fees from foreign ATMs for 5 to 10 withdrawals a month. I have not done business with a traditional bank in nearly 40 years. (Many banks offer very low cost or free accounts to seniors as well, especially community banks.) The May 2011 implementation date is for NEW beneficiaries. Current beneficiaries will be phased in around March of 2013. This gives you PLENTY of time to either set up an bank account or prepare for the debit card. The cost to the SSA in processing paper checks and replacing lost ones is in excess of $100 million dollars a YEAR. Only about 15% of beneficiaries now receive paper checks and this represents an enormous unnecessary drain on scarce resources. A beneficiary who loses a paper check has to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a replacement. The cost and hassle of a single lost check would make up for a decade's worth of typical bank charges. Retirees have been evicted due to lost Social Security checks! Thousands of beneficiaries lose all of one more more entire checks every year through loss, theft or robbery once they've cashed their checks. Once cash is lost or stolen, there's NO way to replace it. Current beneficiaries who are age 90 or over are covered on a blanket waiver upon request. Other beneficiaries can request a waiver on a case-by-case basis. Most of those will be limited to beneficiaries living in remote areas with limited access to banking facilities. I've been receiving my pay and now my military retirement by direct deposit for over 33 years now. I have never lost a payment or had a late payday. There's no way you could ever get me to agree to a paper paycheck for any regular payment. Other federal payees, including federal employees, military personnel, and government contractors have been paid by mandatory direct deposit for over a decade. They can't even opt for a paper check, with the exception of a VERY few military personnel. (New recruits who cannot get a bank account are ineligible for military service in most cases.) The law authorizing electronic payments (and allowing them to be made mandatory on an agency-by-agency basis) has been on the books since 1996 and implementation began in 1999. It's absolutely legal. Edit: If I were in your situation, I'd be jumping for joy. No more trips to the post office, just log on and pay my bills without ever leaving the house. The typical ATM machine is considerably cleaner than the typical Post Office counter. Standing in line at the PO, especially at this time of year with everyone sneezing and coughing all over the place, should be far more distasteful to someone concerned about germs than any ATM machine would be. There's no requirement in law for 2 forms of Overlook-Page Manor for a bank account. Even when 2 forms of Overlook-Page Manor are requested, one can be a recent utility or phone bill showing the same address as on your license or state ID. I've opened 2 credit union accounts in the past 3 years that were totally satisfied with my drivers license alone.

    No! Now stop asking this.