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    I was planning to pay my tax bill in increments starting this month even though i know there will be late charges. Luckily I didn't make my first payment because i got a bill from the mortgage company saying they paid out of escrow my tax bill and gave me 30 days to pay them in full or else. I never set up escrow but i am obligating to pay my taxes but there is no way i can pay 3000 in 30 days. My mortage is uptodate. The mortgage company inferred that if i didn't pay i will be default on my mortgage since paying your tax bill is an obligation under the mortgage agreement. but I always pay but i can't pay it at once. Any advice on what to say to the mortgage company.

    If you can get a cash advance on your credit card, or unsecured loan, and pay off the mortgage company on the taxes they paid, that would get the mortgage company off your back. Otherwise, I would call or meet with someone at the mortgage company and tell them you cannot pay $3,000 in 30 days. Tell them you will pay whatever you were planning on paying on your taxes. The sooner you can pay it off, the better, since the mortgage company will be assessing interest or maybe penalties. Or, you could volunteer to have future taxes escrowed, since that will protect the mortgage company in the future. Your mortgage payment will increase $250 a month. Maybe you can get them to agree to an increase of $500 a month for a year, to get the taxes settled within 12 months. Actually, they will pay themselves back the first six months, and then escrow the rest for next year's taxes. When you do send in your regular mortgage payments, be sure to note on the check or other accompanying document that the amount of the regular payment is for principal and interest. Make sure that the mortgage company doesn't take your regular payment to pay for taxes, and cause you to default on your mortgage payments. If they hassle you, you may want to consult an attorney.

    Most mortgages require that taxes be paid through an escrow account. The tax bill then normally goes directly to them, and they pay it from your escrow and report it do you at the end of the year. Check your contract to see what it says. If it requires an escrow, it's really strange that they suddenly started enforcing it now after 15 years, unless you just refinanced and this is a new requirement - but then the amounts should have been figued into your payment. Or if your tax payments are overdue for previous years, then it would be reasonable for them to start insisting that it go through escrow, to protect their interest in the house if the taxing authority foreclosed on it. Other than that, this change just doesn't make sense. Call them again and ask to talk to a manager. Since they paid the whole tax bill, the taxing authority isn't going to refund it to them and they aren't going to refund it to you - it WAS, after all, due. Had you already made arrangements with the tax office to pay it in payments? If not, and you just didn't pay it by the due date, the lender was most likely notified. But you should be able to talk then into letting you pay the amount off over a year, not all within 30 days - they'll charge interest of course, but that probably won't be more than what the tax office would have charged for paying late with payments. The leverage you have here is that they don't really WANT to default your mortgage and foreclose - no lender these days want to have another house on their hands if they can avoid it, and if the owner is good for the money eventually. If your contract allows them to insist on escrow, your monthly mortgage payments will very likely go up since they will probably start enforcing the escrow. Good luck.

    If you did not have tax escrow, you should have saved up the money "ahead of time" to pay your property taxes on time. Taxes are not something you can put off until you get around to it. It is part of the obligation of the loan, and if taxes are late, your loan is in default. You do not say what state or county, but some do not give you much time after becoming delinquent. My county collects taxes in 2 installments June 1 and Sept 1. After that they send out tax sale notification and no longer accept personal or company "checks" (not even from your lender). If still unpaid by October, it goes to tax sale auction sometime around Oct/Nov. Tax leins override any other leins, although, in my state there is a 2 year period to pay back taxes with interest before the tax buyer gets clear title. You have demonstrated your lack of ability to set aside the money each month to save up for property taxes, so your lender will likely now do that for you (escrow). Nothing you can say at this point is going to change that.

    If you don't have an escrow account in conjunction with your mortgage, that will be explicitly stated in your mortgage contract. I don't have one, and it's plainly stated in the contract that there is no escrow or impounds. Under those circumstances, your mortgage company acted in error when they paid your taxes. You CANNOT be in default due to THEIR error; your mortgage contract doesn't provide for escrow of property taxes and insurance so there's NOTHING to default on! If they are threatening default, simply ask them to point out the specific terms of your contract that you have defaulted on. They will be stymied at that point, since there is no such clause in your contract. Their only recourse is to either accept whatever payments you make on your terms Oxford to attempt to recover the taxes paid in error on your behalf. Alternatively, if your mortgage contract doesn't include impounds for property taxes and insurance, it MIGHT include language giving them the right to impose same if you fail to stay current on your property taxes and/or homeowners insurance. If that's the case and if they received a past-due bill from your tax district they would be within their rights to protect their interests and pay the taxes and bill you accordingly. That's a pretty common requirement where impounds are not provided for and if this is the case in your situation then you have no option except to pay them ASAP. You should consult with an attorney and have him or her review your contract. A short letter from your attorney should shut them up pretty quickly if they are wrong. And if they are correct, he or she will be quick to point that out to you.

    You ought to touch and deliver it to whoever you're paying your very own loan and escrow money to. that should have been dealt with at final to have your tax invoice sent to the right occasion, yet that could run into issues in the experience that your very own loan grow to be bought to a various lender or traders sometime after that. So in case you gained the tax invoice, they probable did no longer get carry of it. in spite of while you're doing tax escrow, it extremely is a sturdy theory to maintain a watch on your county web page to make certain that your sources taxes are being paid on time. My house is on a double lot. when I first bought it, the call company paid the 1st installment late with out the further interest, so one lot went unpaid. And my lender replaced tax departments three times for the time of 12 months (i found out later), so one lot went unpaid via them. i did no longer comprehend approximately it till I gained a notification of tax sale, and that i had to scramble to pay that myself in the previous the tax sale, and then attempt to get it taken care of out. considering refinancing, i do no longer no longer do escrow.

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  • Verdie Reynolds
    Verdie Reynolds
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