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    Don't worry about it. Once your license expires (at 11:59:59 pm on January 24) you may not be able to board a plane, or register at a hotel because your I.D MUST be current, but it won't matter much for driving. If stopped, the Police can easily (and will) verify that fees have been paid, and they do understand that because of California's budget problems getting things from the DMV can take longer. If you want to cover your *** until the license comes, make & carry a copy of your cashed check to prove you paid.

    Officially, your licence expires at 12:01AM on the expiry date. That means once it's January 24th, you have literally one minute to drive legally and then you're breaking the law. Here's the deal though... you go to the DMV, explain that you sent in the form over a month ago and still don't have your renewal documents, and you should be fine. They check their records to see that you've made your payment and submitted the paperwork, and they issue a temporary document so you can drive nice and legit until your renewal arrives in the mail. Backlogs happen. If they don't print a temp for you, it means something went wrong somewhere and they have to look into it. Bring your copy of all documentation and even bank records showing you made your payment with you, and they'll find out what the problem is and fix it. But at least you know. Whatever you do, don't assume everything is Peninsula and drive. If you get stopped, just guess how many times the cop already heard the I-sent-in-the-forms-already defense this week. It's right up there with the my-friend-said-I-was-fine defense, in fact. The cop won't believe you or even care, he'll just issue you a ticket and tell you to fight it in front of a judge. Because that's the cop's job. Always cover your own ayass when dealing with legal stuff, always.

    Sure as long as you have paid for the renewal. If the police stops you they can check if you have renewal it are not. Your check got cashed it by the dmv?

    Yes get it renewed tho

What to do about work ethic?

  • Jack Hermiston
    Jack Hermiston
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  • Emie Heller
    Emie Heller
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  • Leatha Lakin
    Leatha Lakin
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