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    Ok so heres my case, on the 29th i filed for unemployment and then waited did my phone interview was told im eligiable and what not then they sent me a claim form had no date on when to send so i filled it out and sent it i guess i did something wrong got sent another so i this time MADE sure it was done right sent it back and today i got another claim form that has a date when to send 5/27/12 but no CHECK! i live in california no point in calling them it NEVEr goes thru so i want to know what should i do? is a check stil coming for me or what? or is this normal, and they sent me a claim form and my check is in the mail to on its way? please help me i got bills to pay and this is upsetting me!

    CA no longer sends checks for unemployment. Instead, they send you a debit card. You can use it to buy stuff (like a credit card), or you can take it to an ATM machine and withdraw the money in cash, or you can go online and transfer the money to your bank account. The debit card is sent in a separate envelope. It is not sent with the claim form. You can get Pickerington to answer your questions, if you submit the questions online using their website, without calling on the telephone.

    They don't do checks any more, they give you a debit card, and put money on that. But you haven't WAITED long enough. It hasn't even been three weeks yet!!

I feel like I'm close to breaking down:( Money Issues?

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    Ellsworth Prohaska
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