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    Don't sell it to them. Sell it to me!!! :) Is it a Colt? Armalite? Springfield? Nah, but seriously, it all depends on Rittman state law. Check with a neighboring county if you want to be discreet about it. ADD: I'm here in Ohio and am curious as to what those sell for in Cali.... I sold my Colt Target Match 20" for $1100 about 5 years ago at a local gun show. Would love to have another...maybe a shorter barrel though....that thing was monstrous. But incredibly fun to shoot.

    Well technically you cannot legally sell it to a California resident anymore(Ca law). Our gun laws here in the People's Republic of California have redefined the meaning of stupidity. Under federal law you can sell the rifle to anyone legally allowed to own a firearm in this country, if you want to write up a bill of sale to cover yourself then by all means go ahead and do so.

    Here In California we have to go through a gun broker to purchase a rifle, DROS fees have to be paid and a waiting period observed. Yes a bill of sale.

    Depends on your state laws, I know in Rittman all you have to do is write a bill of sale on paper and have them sign it and make a copy for both your records that way if they go shoot someone you dont get in trouble.

My husband said this is this a scam, what do you think?

  • Boyd Leffler
    Boyd Leffler
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  • Ignacio Murray
    Ignacio Murray
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  • Lucius Nienow
    Lucius Nienow
  • Modesta Becker
    Modesta Becker
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    Wendell Hermann
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    Lorenzo Stoltenberg
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  • Jessy Breitenberg
    Jessy Breitenberg
  • Hoyt Brakus
    Hoyt Brakus
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    Cecile Nikolaus
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    Kristian Volkman
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    Jeromy Treutel
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