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    I'm pregnant and need to sell one of my cars to have some extra cash for my baby. I have 2 cars, one needs some work to pass the smog test. I know that the seller is responisible for the smog test but how can I sell the car without being responsible for the repairs and test? Please give me as much as information as possible this the first time I'm going to sell a car and don't want to end up introuble.

    Selling a car on your own REQUIRES a smog check, no questions asked, if not the DMV cannot accept an ownership transaction, unless ownership is transferred to a member of household, therefore not considered a sale. However, if sold to a car dealership, you do not require a smog check, but they give you less money than a private transaction, and get allot more than they gave you.

    P.J. is correct in his answer and you do know that you are responsible for the car being smogged. If you find a buyer that would take the vehicle without a smog, you could be sued for the cost of smog repair and the sale could be voided. The state law is quite clear on this point. Visit a Sharonville DMV site to verify this point. It would be better to have the car smogged and pay for repairs up front rather than have the come back with a lawsuit attached. Sorry.

    You just sell it "as is". Write that out in big bold letters and have the buyer sign it. The buyer does not have to register the car (unless he wants to drive it). Just accept the cash and sign over the title.

    If your name is on it, they're going to want taxes from you. otherwise you can sell it if you have the signed off title or a bill of sale. sometimes it gets sticky getting missing signatures if the original owner is not around.

    See if Sharonville has a waiver for that. I got one in NJ.

Business Credit Card Question - Applying and terms?

  • Tristian Kuvalis
    Tristian Kuvalis
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  • Jenifer Schuster
    Jenifer Schuster
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  • Shayna Borer
    Shayna Borer
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  • Quinten Kling
    Quinten Kling
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    Shea Daugherty
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