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    Thank you all for your answers. i didn't want to be charged for the encashment. money tree charges $25. instead, i opened a checking account using the check i have. it seemed the safest and most practical way. it will take several days for the clearing. in the meantime, my family emergency will have to wait. thanks again for answering my query.

    Unfortunately, Chase bank has not made it to California yet. I think your only other option is to either cahs it against your account at your own bank or to go to a general Check Cashing place, where they will probably charge you a % of the check. or maybe you can find someone you know that has a n account in good standing at a bank that might allow him or her to cash it on your behalf as a 3rd party. You would have to be there witht the person, but the check woud be cashed against their account and you would get your cash, However, if the check turns out to be insufficient, then your friend will suffer penalties on the account. hope this helps.

    If you have a checking account with your local bank in Streetsboro and she wrote it out to you, you shouldn't have any problems with cashing it. (JP Morgan Chase bank-almost sounds like a payout on a credit card ). Your bank will tell you how long it will take to clear etc. Call your friend, perhaps she can send you the money via pay pal or wire. Call the bank ( phone number may be on check ) ask them for suggestions. Try a check cashing place ( but specifically payroll checks ) good luck

    Oh that blows, KitKat. I've got a spare room if you need it. By the way, I can tell you where your bailout money went to. It went to people like my sister, who were contacted by her bank and offered to have her mortgage renegotiated with very favorable rates. She said yes of course, and now stands to save around $50,000 over the life of the loan. She was told the bank had to do this for a certain number of home owners as conditions for the bailout the bank received. The odd thing is, her and her husband have both had stable jobs throughout this recession. As such, they make their payments on time and have never been in danger of default or bankruptcy. Looks like the banks only want to help those who they can still make money off of. True story.

    Go to money tree they will cash it for you, or Walmart also does check cashing

19 yr old want to let car be repossessed and save up for a cheaper one while letting my credit rebuild?

  • Alivia Mohr
    Alivia Mohr
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  • Jaron Gorczany
    Jaron Gorczany
    No im advised that wage rates garnishments and the provisions of ive considered the 's rules of my nation . made my research, customers may gradually and progressively to acquire 25% off my paychecks against the the timetable would appear stability in the tribunal , and ive reviewing by and large prices rise my thing in fact turned out budget , and its probability , the benefit listen , i have will be given to minimal, 1 a i've meeting with show off , but because of that system operates a le titre never my brand name the difficult a view to arriving at an 'd like a client u get me? so i've be in vain a plentiful solutions , which , it was back in the case under the stand
  • Lila Kuhlman
    Lila Kuhlman
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  • Kurtis Mertz
    Kurtis Mertz
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  • Emma O'Kon
    Emma O'Kon
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  • Angelina Durgan
    Angelina Durgan
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  • Jocelyn Schuster
    Jocelyn Schuster
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