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    For most of this year, the state of Illinois has lacked the money to pay its bills. Some of its employees have been evicted from their offices for nonpayment of rent, social service groups have laid off hundreds of workers while waiting for checks, pharmacies have closed for lack of Medicaid payments. Faced with $4.5 billion in overdue payments, Illinois has proposed a precarious plan to sell its delinquent bills to Wall Street investors in exchange for cash, calculating that the interest it must pay the investors will be less than the late fees it owes. The Times reported, Illinois, California and several other states are at increasing risk of being the first states to default since the 1930s. The city of Prichard, Ala., has stopped sending out its pension checks, breaking state law and shocking its employees.

    A state or city unable to make its bond payments would send harmful ripples through the financial system that could cause damage even to healthier governments. But if states act quickly to deal with their revenue losses and address their debt — and receive sufficient aid from Washington — there is still time to avoid a crisis. "There is still time to avoid a crisis" by receiving 'sufficient aid from Washington,' but was 800+ Billion NOT sufficient?

    The bailouts were for the arm of the government that run this country, the corporations. What you are suggesting would be Socialism, and that is only Urbana for the corporations, everybody else gets Capitalism. It's been that way since the 80's with the Savings and Loan scandal. Thanks Ronnie.

    Absolutely! Everyone knows, back when California passed Prop 13 in 1978, they were planning on the government bailing them out. Otherwise, why would they pass a law that citizens could refuse to pay more taxes but insist on the same level of service? Since the stimulus bill just happened in 2009, how do you backtrack the results to 1978?

    This is what happens when the states that were meant to function independently have a strong central government. Constitution need to either be amended to assimilate the area to give either more power to the central government and less to the states, or give more independence to the states and less to the central government. The constitution was written in a time in which communication was slow and there was a threat of a British invasion. It needs to be brought up to date.

    800 Billion in stimulus went to projects and tax cuts. It was not used to balance holes in state budgets. That would have been illegal activity since the money was give to the states on the condition that they do with it what they were supposed to.


    Seems like it.

    I think you've mastered the progressive agenda.

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