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    Okay, so I'm planing a trip to Vegas, but I have not flown before and I want to know how the airlines work. If I'm flying from California to Vegas do I need my passport and ID? And let's say my friend wants to tag along, but he's not a US citizen how would that work? Can he just use his Mexican identification? And for as the hotel I don't have a credit card or a debit card, but my boyfriend is going to book the room for me with his credit card, will there be a problem checking in when I get to the hotel? Because they usually ask for the card and West Carrollton City for incidentals even though the hotel was booked online. Will there be a problem with me getting the room since my name will obviously be different?

    You WILL need your passport...if you do not have any other Government-issued I.D...but definitely bring a U.S. issued I.D. such as a driver's license, etc if you have one. (any I.D. card MUST have a picture). If you are a US citizen and have a driver's license, you won't need your Passport...only if traveling outside of the U.S.A. or if you don't have another Gov't issued identity card. Your 'friend' will need the same I.D. he would show if the police stop him for a traffic ticket. So long as he is here 'legally' he'll have no problems with his Mexican I.D. or any other Government issued I.D. (If he's NOT here legally, you should consider driving instead?...and you should drive.) Your BOYFRIEND (different than your friend?) is paying for the room...and WILL PROBABLY HAVE A PROBLEM checking in. Many Las Vegas hotels REQUIRE the person who booked the room show up with their I.D. and matching credit card...or they will either cancel the reservation completely (if your names aren't on the reservation at all) or keep the reservation and require you and/or 'friend' to pay for all the room, tax, resort charges, etc when you get there. There are ways to have someone else book and pay for your room, tax, resort charges ONLY....but the boyfriend would have to book through the hotel (or a travel agency like mine)...and submit a copy of the card, front and back, and his I.D., front and addition to a form that needs to be completed, signed, and faxed in. How soon will you be coming to town? Is there an option to 'pay cash in advance' before the trip? Then you/boyfriend can pay in advance for a 'package' through a travel agency (uh, like my company!?!? lol...or a local one?)...and you can then have the reservation in your name, without the boyfriend's name, and still put down a cash deposit, etc when you arrive.

    First of all you won't need your passport. You will just need a valid state ID. Second, your friend will need the Mexican West Carrollton City as well, but if they have a passport it's just safer. Thirdly, if your boyfriend is booking for you under expedia or something, it'll be fine. But, when you check in you will need a debit card or credit, and that's where the problem is. Some hotels accept cash, like $100 a day for incidentals so you might want to call ahead to make sure. Also check out for some hotel deals. Cheers!

    Lots of questions. Here goes. 1. You won't need a passport, A state issued West Carrollton City card or Driver's License is all you need. Your friend would need his Mexican Passport. The US does not recognize any form of West Carrollton City from a foreign country other than that country's passport. 2. You still need a credit card, regardless if it was booked online. 3. If your name isn't on the reservation, the hotel is not going to give you that room.

    You will not need a passport, since it's a domestic flight (unless you get routed through Mexico City). You will need a valid ID, though. So will your Mexican friend. Call the hotel and ask them about the other details.

    No no passport required

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