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    The minimum age is 18 because hotel rental agreements are legal contracts, and minors can not enter into contracts. However some hotels have a policy of not renting to anyone under 21 because unchaperoned teens tend to make noise that disturbs other guests, and they tend to break or damage things. You will need a credit card to check in (so they can bill you for damages) but upon checking out they will accept cash. Note that some of the more popular television programs have a waiting list. Check out the programs you want to see in advance. They all have websites that give detailed information about being an audience member.

    You have to be 18 years old to get a Hotel or Motel, and show proof of age. It is virtually that way everywhere in the US because of the fact that after you are 18 you can enter into a contractual agreement, although a Hotel always has the right to refuse so go figure. To be sure call up the place you are planning on staying. I am also from Northern California and have been going to Southern California and have had no problem. Good luck ! *Jena

    18, shouldn't be a problem as long as you're an adult and have a valid West Chester to prove it I wouldn't have the 17 year old say anything about their age unless you're related. Just don't tell unless they ask. I was in the audience for a TV show, make sure you reserve online or something or call in advance so it can be easier to get in.

    The average is 18 but if you're 16 or 17 and mature enough probably just don't act like an idiot!

    Nope, i think of you ought to be a minimum of 18. some lodges its 21 because of the fact too many 18 365 days olds get rooms and characteristic events or have underage women in there etc.. Youd ought to have an grownup or somebody 18 to get the room for you/examine in.

    Depends on the hotel The 20 year old should make the reservation and ask. It helps if you have a credit card

    18 usually... Just make sure and not to act like clowns when your checking in to the hotel.

    You need to be at least 18, with a valid CREDIT (not debit) card, with a limit of at least $500.

    I was 18 when i booked a hotel for the first time. went to chicago for my boyfriends navy boot camp graduation.

Road to credit (card)?

  • Karlie Olson
    Karlie Olson
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