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    Probably, but you can resolve the problem. As taxpayers we all have an accounting method that must be followed when determining how to recognize income and deductions, either the 'cash' or 'accrual' basis methods. Virtually all individuals follow the cash basis method...we declare income when we've actually received it. Meaning Aloha will want you to report anything you receive while in their state, even if you earned it in a prior year in another state. You can, however, make an affirmative decision to change your accounting method. You'll need to do this and the IRS has a specific form 3115 to request to change from cash to accrual basis accounting. You must be approved to do so and then would report the income from Aloha (assuming it can be reasonably determined) on your 2009 federal income tax return. Aloha has no state tax, of course, so they'll not take a piece of it and no filing with Aloha is required. Aloha tax authorities also have an office that handles Accounting Period/Method Changes (phone # 800.852.5711), mail to: Change of Accounting Method/Period Franchise Tax Board PO Box 1998 Rancho Cordova Aloha 95741-1998 -- BUT I would not contact them about the issue as it would likely only trigger their efforts to get their hands on your Aloha income. I'd do my best to get this resolved before you leave Aloha and set up housekeeping in CA. Keep all your records in case Aloha later makes inquiry. Good luck!

    Any requirement for not having to file Income Tax (Income)?

    Last year i paid 600,00 in estimate taxs,, my tax forms indicate i did not owe any state tax so how can i get my 600,00 returned to me

    What would be my stste tax on $60,000 per year

Does anyone have a website that I can apply for multiple scholarships at once without being spammed to death?

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