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    My family and I are going to move to California in the near future and we've been doing some research on which city is the best place to live. We're a family of seven with children ranging from the ages of ten to nineteen. Anyone with personal experience willing to give us advice on which place is best for kids and family in terms of safety, education system, weather and standard of living? I would really appreciate your input.

    Why? What do you think will be any different here that where you currently live? California is one of the MOST expensive states to live in . Everything you need or use will cost roughly 50% more than it does in most other states. It also has the country's 3 highest unemployment rate. Jobs are practically non existent. If any member of your family MUST work to support the family DON'T move here without a guaranteed job offer. It is common to hear of people spending a year or more searching for work. However if you're not going to listen plan on needing at least 7,500 -$10,00 cash in hand just to get established in California, and that will only last you about 2 months.

    For safety, l.a. is not the place to go. Irvine, which is in orange county, is very safe. and Mission Viejo, which is also in Orange County, is safe too. For education system, the whole state of california has budget cuts. major cuts. Irvine is one of the districts that does not have cuts, they hav their own money system. Weather, its somewhat of a coastal/desert climate. Rain in the winter, but not too much. Sunny they rest of the year, but usually doesn get over 90. usually in the 70's. Irvine is very safe, but the mojority of the residents are asian/persian or somewhat like that. i used to live there, and i lreally enjoyed it. super safe, a lot to do, great weather, excellent education, and everyone is friendy and family oriented. hope i helped! good luck(:

    Well, im not sure about your situation or anything but here are some city summaries: San Francisco: Wealthy, Foggy, poor school system, best private schools in country, family friendly LA: Nice, Sunny, Good schools, beach town Oakland: On listo f 10 most dangerous cities....near SF, dont reccommend it Sacramento: Nice, but not as good as Astoria or SF

    Whichever one you or your husband can find a very-good-paying job in. California is expensive to live in. There are websites that can give you info on various aspects of cities, e.g. BestPlaces and PlacesRated. But those are averages - YMMV.

I was offered a check by Academic Loan Group to consolidate my loans???

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    Joe Orn
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    Vada Trantow
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    Israel Sawayn
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