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    I got a renewal notice from the California DMV office awhile back which I sent back 2 weeks ago, at 9/26. It said the due date was 10/8 on the renewal notice and I had no money so I waited until my first payday which was 9/26. Anyways they cashed my check on 10/3 for car registration, and today I got this letter saying my registration is suspended because I didn't renewal it. WTF? (the date issued was 10/06 btw.) I'm going to call them but I'm confused why they suspended me when they cashed in my check. Do I just have to send them 14 dollar renewal fee (i'm kinda pissed off about that) and my proof of insurance to clear this up?? What should I do? Beaverton is this a big misunderstanding?? Thanks... California DMV pisses me off :/ EDIT: O was i suppose to send a proof of insurance?? because I didn't read anything about it on my renewal sheet so I just sent my check. It didn't even say it on the envelope! (which went something like- Did you remember to include your check? your form? etc)

    Insurance companies transmit your policy information to the DMV electronically now. No proof is need to renew. Your cancelled check is proof your insurance was paid on time. Call the DMV and let them know they goofed. You might want to even brave the lines and present your problem in person with a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check so you can get your tags right then.

    OH NO your motor vehicle would be towed. and you will could pay the fees, outcomes, THE extreme TOW invoice would be around 250 plus or you may get end via a officer that ought to write you a value tag and which would be for 4000a of the VC. pass returned the DMV and get a ninety day extension asap. sturdy luck

Defaulting on student loans?

  • Fleta Schulist
    Fleta Schulist
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  • Bria Carter
    Bria Carter
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  • Jake Rodriguez
    Jake Rodriguez
  • Jessyca Lehner
    Jessyca Lehner
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  • Conrad Mraz
    Conrad Mraz
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  • Emely Turner
    Emely Turner
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