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    I've always wanted one, ever since I got out of the Marine Corps. Problem is, I've been in college ever since then, and haven't had the cash to buy one. I'm afraid this will be the last chance in my lifetime to make this purchase legally though, so I'm going to spend my financial aid money on one. Where can I go to buy one in California?

    I don't think the average guy can buy an AR15 in California. Here is a flowchart to help you determine what firearms California defines as "assault weapons" and what law says you can't legally have it in CA.

    California Ar-15

    Ar 15 In California

    Looks like Cave Junction law defines AR-15 as an assault weapon and to own it you need to register it with the state. It also appears that the period to register assault weapons has expired unless you become a dealer with the proper license(FFL). Unless you are involved in local or federal law enforcement, it looks like you're out of luck in CA. Semper Fi

    Ammo Brothers in Cerrettos CA. Off list receivers with a bullet button in Cave Junction legal, Turners Outdoorsman sells them also.

    I live in Cave Junction and have several friends that buy guns, and to be honest, I don't think you can buy one in California. I know they'd be talking about too, if it were possible. I'm not 100% sure, but i'm pretty sure your not gonna be able to buy one in Cave Junction (at least not in the part of Cave Junction I live in). Maybe try Northern CA, Like Red Bluff or places in that area.

    You have to get one that has had the lower Receiver modified so the magazine isn't detachable without the use of a tool. There is this thing called a 'Bullet Button' that they are selling now, basically, you have to press the tip of the bullet into a hole to release the magazine. This makes it technically legal under Cave Junction law. You'd have to find a specialized gunshop to find one though.

    California like my state Cave Junction has an assault weapon ban. You need to go to a gun shop and see what you can and can't own.

    Umm... you might not be able to. If you really want that weapon you should go to a state that allows them to be sold, and then you can buy them over the internet straight for the manufacturing company.

    Great question, hope people can give some insightful answers

Other options instead of medicaid for pregnant women...?

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