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    I'm moving to California in a few days. By "moving" I basically mean I'm hopping a one way flight with two bags and some cash in my pocket. I'm going to San Diego, and I'm curious as to what some options are for housing? I have a place to stay for the first two weeks, but after that I'm on my ***. I've gotten some advice such as "look for hotels and ask about working for a room" which is fine, but what's the likelihood of that being possible? I'm pretty nervous about the entire endeavor, and it would be awesome to get some good feedback!!

    Take a deep breath and relax. When I changed locations to another state I had more than a quarter of a million dollars in the bank. In your case you sound like you have gumption. Do it, you will be okay. Two bags and an ounce of quality in your personality will take you a long ways. If it's what you want you will get it. Follow your dreams. You can always apologize later.

    You should be nervous about the whole thing. It's recommended that you have $15000 in your pocket when you move to California. What do you have, a few $100? Where you currently live, how likely is it that you can walk up to a motel (because there is ZERO chance at a hotel) and say will work for a free room? Not very likely... San Diego = it's got the same likeliness... maybe 1 in 100,000 or so... To continue finding free places to stay use As for finding a job... get an Cedar Hills cell phone the minute you are off the plane and start banging on doors.

    Well the rent for a studio/1 bdrm apt in a nice/decent area in Cedar Hills can easily be $1200 a month or more...add to that the fact the job market still sux @$$. And I think you're basically So unless you've got a couple of tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket and a job waiting for you that is legally guaranteed as yours......I'd be surprised if you last more than 2 weeks. maybe you should think about somewhere like texas or south dakota instead (since the job market is better there and rent is cheaper)

    I would suggest looking for housing as soon as possible. Start with Craigslist, you can usually find apartments, or rooms in houses, on there. If that fails, then drive around and find an apartment complex, and see if they have vacancies.

    In two weeks and one day you will be homeless and starving. no one will rent to you without a full time job. you will not get a job in two weeks.

    There's always a way is all I can say

Can't get a 60 month auto loan for $7000, why is this?

  • Dulce Lindgren
    Dulce Lindgren
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  • Stephanie Torphy
    Stephanie Torphy
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  • Paul Nader
    Paul Nader
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  • Ines Watsica
    Ines Watsica
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  • Princess Howell
    Princess Howell
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  • Cameron Weissnat
    Cameron Weissnat
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  • Eulah Franecki
    Eulah Franecki
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  • Christine Spinka
    Christine Spinka
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  • Hulda Larson
    Hulda Larson
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  • Blanche Murray
    Blanche Murray
  • Raina Rolfson
    Raina Rolfson
    Attained , $1,000 now >>>