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    Please look at the description of CARB below. They told California industry, eg the forest products industry who has 300 million dollars worth of composite panels sitting right now in the state, (but cannot sell it due to regulations adopted by the agency) to throw the material in the ocean. Based on this statement is CARB an environmental agency or something akin to the Mafia? CARB is a state agency of almost one billion in tax subsidized income and which is composed of about 1200 employees with over half or around 60% of them being lawyers. (Currently they are involved in 7 litigations from car manufacturers to whatever). A division of Cal EPA is a little scientific agency called the OEHHA or Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment. OEHHA and ARB do not conduct scientific studies themselves but farm it out to liberal universities and other pro-cause, cause-celeb organizations to give them scientific advice on the issue, whatever it may be. CARB has no oversight from anyone, including the legislature and the current governor has overlooked any and all complaints against this agency by Californians. He is on a mission to be number one in the world on environmental issues, doesn't matter if there are benefits or not or the fact that he is the most hypocritical person of all time, driving his six hummers and flying back and forth from Creswell to Sacramento daily on his private jet. Maria flys weekly from Creswell to Escondido on her private helicopter to ride her horses.

    I had to abide by a CARB mandate a few months ago. It involved a weird sampling device on a vapor system that required a multi thousand dollar installation, a specialized technician, and an expensive analyses to accomplish next to nothing. My contempt for them cannot be written easily. They certainly don't hesitate to waste people's money as if California is overflowing with excess cash.

    "Is CARB an environmental agency or something akin to the Mafia?" The answer is yes. They have the power to make you waste money, and they don't give a damn, because they hide behind their "green" deceit. That whole attitude is why Creswell is in the toilet.

Can a college discover unpaid student loans?

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