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    I have a few questions here.. first off i'll give some background. I'd be buying a home on my own w/ a salary of 63,000/year, although i wouldnt necessarily say my job is the most stable... I'd practically drain my bank account for the 20% down payment, so i'd be left with not much to fall back on. so here are the Q's... (1) do you think mortgage rates will stay low over the next year? I'm considering renting for a while to save up some more cash... but dont want to kick myself if rates go back up. (2) I see the housing market falling another 10% - do you agree? (3) If i decide to rent for a year, i plan on putting the majority of my money in a CD to earn interest. Any suggestions of other options i can briefly invest my money in? Thanks!!!!

    I'd buy now. Rates are pretty low right now 4.5%-5.5% depending on criteria. Your better off having a loant at 5% with PMI (putting less money down) than you are having a 6.5% with no PMI. Dont exhaust your savings. You can use a variety of programs to reduce PMI. Some lenders like Bank of America, Quicken Loans, and Capital Mortgage Funding have programs to take higher interest rates, or higher costs to get lower PMI. Get seller concession on your purchase and the seller can basically pay to get rid of the PMI. With us it costs about 1 point which the seller can pay for to reduce your PMI to $20 on a 150K loan. If your worried about the housing market falling another 10% it depends where you live. In Michigan where housing has been beaten down for such a long time, those prices are about at bottom. If your in an area where your home values only came down in the last 18 months. Then the values do have a bit more to fall. Investing to buy the home later is pointless. If you were to just buy the home now you would be putting more towards the equity than your earning in interest.

    If this is your 1st home I would suggest going through your states 1st time homebuyer program, low interest rates and they only require a 3%-5% down payment also high yield savings accounts are paying higher interest than both cd's and bonds right now.

    CDs and bonds right now. No one knows for sure what the mortgage rates and housing prices will be, although there are many willing to guess. Your plans are sensible. Also work to BUILD your credit rating whle you're waiting, pay all bills in full and on time, eliminate credit, don't carry balances, etc.

    Until eventually you'll go away your man or woman own possessions interior the sources,you ought to not favor condo insurance. because the tenant is bringing of their own pe3rsonal possessions, there is no longer any reason to conceal the tenant's own sources. you'll favor a immediately fireplace insurance coverage. call your insurance agent and communicate an "umbrella coverage" for both properties - a million] sources vendors insurance on your concept position of abode.. 2] a immediately fireplace insurance coverage for the 2d position of abode in FL. AND ask what the technique is for notifying the lender - Donald once you ought to notify the lender in any respect. thanks for asking your Q! I loved answering it! VTY, Ron Berue certain, it really is my actual very last call!

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