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    We are looking to purchase land and have a house built on it. We have looked at a few designers and found some plans we like. But.. I am not ready to sit on the phone for an hour with a sales person or the like and have to give out all our info just to find out the answer to our first question. And the question is... If you find land and purchase it and want to have a custom home built on it.. what are the steps? So far from what we gathered it looks like you pay for the plans from the designer, then what? Do you take them to a builder? Do you have to use a builder that the designer wants? If you have gone through a purchase and build like this please share how you did it, what you had to do to get it done... Thanks for any help!

    WOW Diane thank you so much, just what I was looking for. We have our eye on some plans that we would buy from a designer. So that sounds like it will work. Great point about the interior touches like cabinetry and windows. Out of curiousity we live in Nevada, do you happen to know of any interior designers out here or what to look for when we do hire one? We will be looking for someone to do the interior once it is built. Thanks so much!

    You will need a construction loan, unless you have cash. Then you can engage the services on an architect, a architect-builder, a contractor, or a designer, designer-architect team. What happens next is in the contract for services you negotiate. Some architects (if not architect-builders) and designers have contractors they prefer to work with because they work well together, they understand their vision, and they like the quality of their work. Others do not care & you can interview & get your own. If you just buy plans, then you take then to a builder (contractor). However simple floor plans usually do not specify all the surface materials, door & window styles, lighting styles, cabinetry, etc, which is why using a designer for the whole process (even with your own contractor) is HIGHLY recommended; otherwise you have to do all the work Donald the contractor puts in the cheapest thing he finds. I advise talking & interviewing several (3) designers/architects/contractors & then you hammer out a contract. Beware of something that seems really cheap--because in design & building, you get what you pay for in many cases.

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What will happen to the balance of my repossessed vehicle?

  • Keely Cassin
    Keely Cassin
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  • Cary Dare
    Cary Dare
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  • Mohammed Weissnat
    Mohammed Weissnat
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    Korbin Cronin
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