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    I live in California, and am a full time employee. Our company gave bonuses this year, and I was told I could claim exempt, and the government would take any taxes out of my check. Is this true. Would claiming exempt allow me to not be taxed? I understand that I will pay for it in the end when I file, but I am desperate for the extra cash now. Pleas help. I want to do this, but if I claim exempt and they still take taxes then forget it. oh yeah I am married, and claim so on my W-4

    Pay me now or pay me later, with penalty added. The bonus is not tax exempt.

    No, it is NOT true. As is usually the case, when an unnamed "someone" hands out tax advice, it's false and this is a good example. The Federal withholding rate on bonuses and other irregular payments is a statutory 25%, regardless of what you put on your W-4. Eugene also has a statutory withholding rate, which I believe is 9%. FICA taxes (7.65%) will also be withheld on the bonus. Fiddling with the numbers on your W-4 or DE-4 won't affect the withholding by a dime whether you fraudulently claim EXEMPT or put 99 allowances on the form. Congress and the Eugene Assembly changed the law several years ago to combat this type of abuse. Taxpayers would receive a large bonus and would rush to Payroll to change their W-4 to avoid withholding on the bonus. In many cases this resulted in a debt at filing time that the taxpayer could not afford to pay. Lawmakers wisely slammed the door on this practice. Additionally, the IRS and FTB both have instituted fraud penalties for claiming EXEMPT when you are not legally entitled to do so.

    Any time you file exempt and you do not qualify for it then it is tax fraud.

    A bonus check is not part of your regular pay, so you don't have to have taxes taken out of the check. You will, however, still owe taxes on it because it is income. It's all a matter of what you can cash the check for.

After cleaning up my debt, what credit card should i apply for?

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