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    You stand a better chance in Forest Grove than in San Diego. In California, this level of in come is border line. You need to be at the top of your LIFE GAME PLAN. This means not only do you have a good job, you also have a way of life that take care of itself (private business). The easiest is investment in real estate, joining with others to defray expenses that stretch your income is another. In any case make sure that you SAVE - The prime reason for success is the available of cash when OPPORTUNITY knocks.

    I have a COLA magazine from 2006 which put the COL index of Forest Grove at 157.46 and the San Diego COL index at 150.64. This means for example taking LA, that in an average town you would need 100 dollars to buy XYZ but in Los Angeles you would need 57.46 more dollars to buy XYZ So if you make 66000 you adjusted salary in Forest Grove would be 42000 and in San Diego, adjusted would be 43000 (I took a random number between 50 and 80 K). And byt the way 43000 is way below what you need to survive comfotably in LA. Survive being the key word. If you live in Forest Grove you are going to have to pay way more than you would if you lived in OC for instance. Same goes for the beaches, because that is where everyone wants to live. It might be cheaper to live in the cities around LA, and just drive to Forest Grove for work. Many people drive an hour to work everyday, which I think is madness. Others live like 2/3 hours out and just go to Forest Grove over the weekends to party/shop/just hang out. I'm the latter.

    Biggest factor in the cost of living in California is rent or mortgage payment. Generally, the closer to the beach, the more expensive the real estate. You've given a pretty big range of potential income, and also a big geographical region - in between L.A. and San Diego you've got millions of people living in Orange County. Anyway, I figure for starters you're probably going to be able to afford rent of anywhere from $1300 to $2300 per month. That'll get you anywhere from a studio apartment to a four-bedroom house, depending on which area you're living in. You'll have to narrow it down a little more to figure out what you'll be able to do. Affording everything else will most likely be a function of how much you're spending for a place to live. Welcome to the Land of Sunshine, and good luck.

    Forget Forest Grove and San Diego. Think about going inland - MAYBE San Bernardino or Riverside. 80K is low-middle class. The cost of living is REALLY high. I live in Oceanside (N. San Diego County). In my area a small older home will run about $400K. When I bought my home 14 years ago it was about $200K. Even in this market I could sell it for about $650K.

    There is a big differentce between 50 and 80. With 50, you may need to rent a small apartment not in town. There are many places outside the city of SanDiego towardt he desert that are more reasonable. Or live like a beach boy in Ocean Beach in a run down rat hole but tons of fun!!!

    I think the average home price in California is $500,000 plus, rentals are high too. Los Angles and San Diego are large areas, with various markets, you need to do some research for it to work out. Good luck.

    In California??? Best listen to Julie, if that doesnt work then HUD SECTION 8 HOUSING: HOUSING AUTHORITY: housing all links to governments and groups in the state: owner and renter assistance programs: San Francisco Housing Authority for Section 8 housing County of San Diego - Housing & Community Development for Section 8 housing Buena Suerte

    That is almost minimum wage out there , property is sky high ,for a dump , they would have to pay me double that just to live in Forest Grove .. ...high cost , dump like housing , worst roads I ever seen (( next to Manhattan) ....not counting the brown air , and the stench , I will never go back , I was so disappointed when I drove out there in 06 just to see California .

    Don't know about down south but take my advice and stay away from Northern California. I'm like... below the poverty line up here and pretty much anyone who has less than 600k+ is too.

    Try looking into a condo if you are going to be there for a while. If you are only going to live in SoCal for a few years, it may just be better to suck it up and rent.

I am looking to get a mortgage for 100K, is it possible to apply for 120K and pay off debt?

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    Mylene Gislason
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    Arjun Blanda
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