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    I have been hearing conflicting information on how to handle a new venture myself and 1 partner started this year. Background: We are a Hillsboro LLC, and have been operating for about 6 months. We both are working other full time jobs while we get things going. Both of us have been put cash into the business from our own pockets to pay day to day operations(Office, desks, bills, etc.) We just recently started to bring in work that actually pays something, we'll probably gross 15-20K by the end of the year. My question is how do we get taxed on this? We have both put in around 5-10K into the business, can we reimburse ourselves pre-tax as if those payments were "petty cash"? (Ive heard yes, no, and maybe on this one) Also, I am also hearing that LLC are taxed based on gross income not net. So even though we will lose ( or make very little) we may still have to pay taxes on our entire gross income. Is this right?

    Reimburse your expenses (before year end if you are a cash basis tax payer). That will allow you to deduct or capitalize them (desks, etc.). The net income of the LLC will flow through to the partners on the Form K-1 (if the LLC does not elect to be taxed as a corporation). The LLC pays an $800 annual California tax. There is also a California tax on gross receipts but that doesn't kick in until your gross receipts are over $250,000. Jim Kirby, CPA

    Expenses incurred before there is any income are startup costs and the deduction is limited. (The remaining amount is amortized.) Expenses incurred by individual partners is governed by the partnership agreement. If the agreement states in writing that the partner can deduct these as separate expenses, they can go on the schedule E. If there is no agreement or it's silent on this, no deduction. For income tax purposes, the income/SE tax is on the net earnings. At the state level there may be a franchise tax on gross receipts.

    You double published your questions!! It relies upon. Are you a partnership, corp or individual LLC? Did the LLC decide for a economic year end?? If no longer, then it falls to the final public of the shareholders (frequently, persons = calendar YE). Did you communicate this rely which comprise your criminal professional or accountant once you integrated??

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