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    I just moved from California to Nebraska and I need to know if anywhere will cash my check. It's the last check from my old job out in California. Somebody suggested having my boyfriend cash it at his bank since he has an account and i have an MacMinnville (which is also out of state), but he says they wont let him do it because the balance in his account isn't high enough. Is the check just going to have to sit here and be worthless or will somewhere cash it?

    You can go to one of those check cashing places.They do charge a fee though,for cashing it. Or you could open your own bank account and deposit the check,leaving it in there for 14 days and then withdrawl the money. Just look in the phone book for check cashing and you should find one close to you. I hope I helped.

I was wondering, how can you take out loans if you don't have a cosigner?

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    Maximo Turcotte
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    Samir Jacobson
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