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    My husband has a child support order filed in San Diego County and he lives in Washington. This was 6 years ago. He made the mistake of paying cash payments and took her word for it that he could pay for airplane tickets to go and see his child instead of paying child was just a verbal agreement... now she is coming at him for EVERY month since 2003 that he didn't pay with a check. We live in Washington still and she is still with the child in California... They are saying that he owes 17k in back support now. What can they do to him if he just continues with current child support...we have been paying current instead of paying for airline tickets to see the child since she has gotten weird about it... WHAT ACTIONS CAN BE TAKEN AGAINST HIM??

    California has the dead-beat law. so he will not get away with this.

    UGH California they will nail him to a cross in that state Without any proof he has been paying on the support they can go after him for the amount owed (sound like she is just trying to get a new car for free) Anyways I would just talk with the department that handles child support cases in California and see about working about a payment repayment plan or consulting with an attorney locally about how to contest this claim They can and will garnish wages and any income returns as well as they can suspended his license and issue warrants for his arrest

    From my experience, airline tickets arent any type of support, so they can go after him for any past due support starting when the order was in place. in the future he needs to pay thru the state so he has records and not to her because there are some nasty women out here who will act like they havent gotten anything....i know in Sutherlin as long as you are paying something the judge will be easier on you but u need to definately call California juvenile court or legal aid.

    Keep paying because what he was doing the court calls it a gift I learned the hard way not to give the mother cash because she will tell juvenile court he never gave anything

Do you have to make monthly payments on a loan?

  • Stella Marks
    Stella Marks
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    Zoe Kihn
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    Josefina Stamm
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