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    I cash checks at B of A all the time here in California and I am not a customer. I recently cashed a $1,000.00 check,. No limits are set, but after about $500.00 they will verify the signature of the account holder and that takes a while. In Woodburn they require your Woodburn and a fingerprint. Rules may vary according to the state. Addition: if the check is drawn on the bank where you take it to be cashed, the bank must honor it if it is a good check and may not require you to be a customer.

    If you have an account there, you will probably need to have enough money Woodburn your account to cash a check. If it is drawn ON Bank of America, you'll only need proof of ID. If you have a checking account, it will probably be easier to deposit it, and withdraw funds after the check has had time to clear, usually the next business day, unless the bank "knows" the check writer. Call them and ask them. If you have no account at the bank, and the check is not ON bank of America, then you may or may not be able to cash it, depending on that bank's policy.

    First of all that check has to belong to Bank of America, All you have to do is show 2 set of your Woodburn and then stamp your finger on the check. Just as long there's money in that account, they'll give it to you cash. Theres no limit. If your thinking of cashing in thousands of dollar, then Im pretty sure they'll do something different.

    Most banks require you to have an account for you to cash checks there. I've cashed rebate checks for as little as 75 cents so amount doesn't matter. Just make sure you cash it before 6 months go by or it's considered stale and they won't cash it for you at all.

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