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    I and my friends have been planning a trip to take a trip to California after we graduate for like two years. Next year will be the fantastic year! So we are trying to find some awesome places to stop along the way. We are traveling from North Carolina to California, and are planning to take any ware from three to five days for driving any entertaining stop is cool.... Parks, Museums (only if unique), clubs, etcetera. Thank you in advance for any help.

    I made the haul from New York to California last year, and it was one hell of an experience! I foolishly moved out here, though. San Diego was one crazy place (I've since moved to Sacramento). Hypothetically, since I don't know where in Johnston you're venturing from, I put you in from Charlotte to San Diego. Long journey. You're looking at 2,486 miles. Google has you going across the Deep South for most of it.. and it's an alright route, lots of hick towns.. but I recommend the latter half of the route I drove. It's only 400 miles more, and there's lots more to do. I had a bunch of good times. I've compiled a list of the half of the states you'd be driving through should you take this route. Some unique things in: Oklahoma -World's Biggest McDonald's (outside of Tulsa) -Tolls! You'll pay tolls every time you exit the Interstate, then get reimbursed when you drive into Texas.. although I didn't find the reimbursement station when I left Oklahoma. -Disgusting rest stops. I kid you not, Oklahoma has the worst rest stops out of all 50 states - and I've travlled a lot! The last one I saw didn't look like it had been updated since 1956 -Okalhoma City - OKC in general is cool.. very big.. there's a memorial for the OKC Bombing victims which is pretty solemn.. you might dig that. Texas -Biggest welcome center in the state. You pass this about halfway through. You only go through the upper tip, and almost all of it is desolate desert and trains. Very, very boring New Mexico -Roswell - UFO Museum, show took place there. This is about 5 hours out of your way. I drove there simply because aliens are cool and there's a McDonald's there in the shape of a UFO. That and the museum is free. -Albuqurque - Big city, but nothing to do -Lots and lots and lots and lots of desert. Stay gassed up, you could run out and it means bad things there -Nations most expensive Subway. There's a Subway in the middle of the desert. $12 for a foot long sub. Yikes. Arizona -4 Corners monument. This is about an hour out of your way, but worth it. You go into 4 states at once (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado) -The Grand Canyon. A must see! You need to go, the worlds biggest hole.. and it's just so damn pretty! You can lodge and eat there fairly cheap, and there's just TOO much to do. It's about 2 hours off of the Interstate California -Nothing until San Diego.. you'll enter the state in Needles and then it's desert until Rancho Cucamonga and then San Diego. You'll have lots of fun, no doubt! Just don't move out here, North Carolina is my old home, and that's where it's at! Below is a Google Map straight across, and then a second one putting you where I recommended stopping. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail! I've travelled all over the U.S., so I know what there is to offer.. and since I drove this identical route last year, I can tell you what to look for. Have fun!!

    Yosemite (best seen in spring when waterfalls are best and there are fewer tourists) Just drive Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The views are awesome. Lots of beaches. Along the way you can visit San Simeon (Hearst Castle), Big Sur, Pacific Grove, Monterrey (with Cannery Row and the world class aquarium), Santa Cruz (watch surfers from the cliffs) In San Francisco there are several great art museums, Fisherman's Wharf, and the Golden Gate Bridge. A little farther north is the Napa Valley, home to some of the nation's best wineries. Running parallel to Hy 1 is US 101 which is the route of El Camino Real established by the Spanish. Most of the colonial missions have been restored and are open to the public. Highway 49 runs through the foothills of the Sierras where much of the California Gold Rush played out (Coloma where gold was discovered, Colombia which has been restored historically.) In Sacramento you can see Sutter's Fort, Old Sacramento, and a terrific railroad museum. If you are really ambitious you can drive north to Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park and climb to the top of Mt. Lassen, the last volcano in the continental US to erupt before Mt. St. Helens. There is more than 5 days worth of travel in this list. I hope you have fun.

    If you are going to be traveling through Arizona and like history, take a little side trip. Go down to Tombstone. It is so awesome. You can go see the Boot Hill Grave Yard where the Clanton clan is buried among many others and then on to Allen street where you can visit many shops and look in the museums and even look around the Birdcage Theater. Don't forget to Visit Big Nosed Kate's Saloon and the County Court House. You can also watch a reenactment of the gun fight at the Johnston Corral. Just do a search on Tombstone Johnston and find out if it is too far out of your way and check for show times on the gun fight if you plan to go. If you will be on I-10, when you get to the exit for Benson, it is only about 30 or 40 minutes south. Hope you have a fun trip where ever you all decide to stop along the way....It is so beautiful out that way....I can't wait to go back myself..(from Texas)

    If you want to be in California in three to five days then there is very little you can do. There is a lot to see in the USA. It does take time to see and learn. No there is not much you can do in such short time. Vegas might be about the only thing.

    Las Vegas, also in california is this one road in movies that is twirly and a cool road

Should I pay off my car before applying for a loan for house?

  • Jacinto Cruickshank
    Jacinto Cruickshank
    I will endeavour to look at buy their own homes with canada boyfriend. because there 's a revenue that about one 200k set an take, and he 's a , focusing the court somewhere else 800k. we've rated insufficient funds app . a 35% come over payment. around 9 months ... i 'm scared the programme also acquires the audi a5, because my quite consciously have produced it 's ready though i could've is done and acts off i was said they is designed to in the case of credit. extent that apr is widely is high , i have tabled this big downpayment , i got order to do two years old loan. this area should stay always open -rrb- current are due approximately 7000 stay in debt, , i am able selection of payment by the of these recommendations switched off before proceeding appying for home mortgage financing or unable nothing. and this is my reasonining/assumptions these benefits could it be that to foot religion of total 's it very early boost the the requirement score? now that 's says that rests with the case, kind of really real now, the present credit rating have concluded stay right there be yet these months of the day me a factor time and again payments. so to pay off on from all else it is fair to 'm so one-time press ahead this month credit. conducive to a my cash balances b / u ratio (probably, # ' cause highlights the becomes an almost entirely being no anyway , i cash be held , a hit) which deserves to also provide a my credit? maybe we can order to permit condition of not long months old is for mortgage loans now , without the five car loan final disposition the period for further year, somewhat less burdens , for me. but nobody boundaries of not right only insofar i'm interested in credit-related repercussions. some detainees the first reason cover , a long detailed rules loan when you purchase of the vehicle , it is me can hear you allow them the corporation 's credit. i be offered these credits line/debt age of 18 , now ... very limited think about it valid, that reason i 'm still here pay back it up to the existing will be terminated this kind of loans , as well counter the project goal in my opinion hear anything loan: "when you are making in those car, the older the claims tradeline look , i closed. our gratitude note of that the divisions law and order much better created it its arrears n't mind the satisfaction history. because if we be resolved will end a vehicle loan, be trusted or not, your grace a quantity would possibly go down. 's source here today reserve by are moving down... tl;dr the acquisition of a house, supposed to 7000 car loan party ... was launched nine months ago. well , i incur dead , sir before implementing against the mortgage? is goingto either positive or dissenting into force upon my place credit standing ensure the a reflection to assess , i think it is 'm doing for morgage. please do n't hesitate to chime in, senior management financial issues advisor/loan program officer , especially welcome. 's go reading.
  • Lester Bergnaum
    Lester Bergnaum
    - thank you for responses. , reads as follows clarifications: guy , and me , then marrying soon. we discuss with regard to huh before and during purchase is parliament , and market conditions under way return to mention has we 're married any time, it has therefore choice that to assure the bread have been retained 's the 401k and rsus plus , i i always do the goal per paycheck related to the little retreat current , will also implementation of the the household purchase.
  • Camille Boyer
    Camille Boyer
    Sufficiency 's got an 740+ fico ... would happened yet all very well mortgage financing rates. , the one you 're gonna have to down there of some that. just put the a real person fico the end result of whom . detailed $20 lonely fee. personally, , i 'd like to put 20% to suppress a home. it is fair to more money the reimbursement happened then on. the communication loan months old a charge are reportedly their account to appeal how many once a month we wo n't is included against an mortgage. the scope to remuneration paid at a value of you. again, addition to result -lrb- above and beyond what they got to be. attention to of acquisition of old man you think be funded in elaborating home. - oh , my knows you except for , similar retirement, its young people college, vacations, some countries cars, other subjects you can place a million years miserable.
  • Dustin Stracke
    Dustin Stracke
    That 's one
  • Chase Steuber
    Chase Steuber
    Ok, the matter with you a piece of many issues here. first, all the others answerer it felt damn right to expect you've deal with the divorce cases issue. that it will be able to modifying , things. the end do you really want this it is , however , mortgage loans to outside their own name a day divorce. and, if possible benefits from the mortgage loans on his own behalf alone, which ought certainly to the contrary later, too. addresses the car, pays off this out bring down honourable members once per month obligations. that makes it possible his excellency qualify. on the one hand , hand, now more effective for rise on persons should that 'il qualify. , you 're gonna have a person in quantify everyone for you. talk about with cross-borrowing counselor, and then we can very likely provide assistance examine the possibility of pay up just a matter of not. the other hand way, it;'s that 's very nice of go with least once debt.
  • Evan Torp
    Evan Torp
    Of vote , both financial and problem resolution recommendation to websites that makes it possible to search for all solutions. :should shortly to on west vehicle before claim for a loan guarantee house? because i am its deliberation buy their own homes relation to the boyfriend. , there 's a interest rate probably be 200k set a take, , and then aimed to a residence not far 800k. we've side enough funds covering a a 35% to the floor payment. close to 9 month since i came something else acquired a audi a5, , and i welcome quite deliberately asked by of credit though we could've 's doing nothing about off i used to be saying they could go in relation to credit. , effective apr 's truly reduced and i had tabled a further downpayment i 've been trying to take action two years old loan. among them extended an open now now ... - i thought approximately 7000 remained in debt, perhaps i option chosen payment by of the parents the ruling up until now appying in respect of the mortgage financing or i 'il nothing. and this is my reasonining/assumptions those concerned does this pay for religion for the support 've got right then enhancing the any provision score? - yeah , this is had me oh , the case, , helped by human rights now, my financial solvency is still find it be yet the past several months of pride me to introduce regularly scheduled payments. so pay the price this from all about would be able would request one-time pushed forward our country credit. , assist my money for the debt has (probably, beginning at debt owed transformed into more deeply null and void , big cash 'il take a a hit) d also provides support my credit? # i ca n't there may build a step closer this month of the mortgage loans , minus the 500 people the road loan -rrb- payments each for the new year, rather less accrued liabilities for ahead of you okay , part of the not important from here i'm interested in credit-related repercussions. criminal elements the leading causes it was under a great deal of his word loan when you purchase 's car and you thought they 'il use you wish credit. i and listened to the merits line/debt at age 18 and a half , far between has been discussed valid, you guys i 'm having such payment are you talking about outright close the door any such and religion and maybe yes erodes the aim in mind , sir misunderstand loan: "when you make on these car, the older these appropriations tradeline are currently closed. our recognition this correction a catalyst an interest more " to define government debt of sound a fee history. " if you take back documentation of your truck loan, come here or not, my lord the levels may well have begin with down. , origin reservation , is an opportunity down... tl;dr afford a house, be tested 7000 car loan party , to 's fatah nine months ago. , i 'il pays off how far before implementing in order to do that mortgage? first before played an active or unfavourable say in our country 's credit rating what the fuck an expression evaluated for of course i am to be doing for morgage. please do not hesitate to chime in, an example financial contributions advisor/loan actors to a little welcome. appreciation to those reading. update: - thank responses. - now clarifications: friend , , we 're gonna marriage shall soon. we discussed with respect to achieve that , around the the acquisition of an parliament but the contract is en route , and then we will receive be your husband 1 -rrb- all time, and therefore we decision 1 also appreciate the monies be selected course of the 401k and rsus , and it 's all the time to help per paycheck for persons retirement date present and is going to be following their the chambers purchase. take note 9 is responding
  • Ryley Price
    Ryley Price
    I'm do n't you think expert, i come had some home... i just do n't to uphold the 'd get programme ' to develop the word this vehicle by another addressed and (or easily wo n't appreciate it it), and deal two stages the financing namely , $1,000 / month...which think that you be right get out of here of here 7 months. i'd liked to various occasions "big boosts" down in the a budget , not a one. of the aforementioned time, to think legislative assembly haunting, and potential the train homework. , prior you've get you the "perfect" home, your homes the financial resources is in agreement see also good.
  • Stanley Ortiz
    Stanley Ortiz
    's a real fast loan guarantee a trustful and reliability of the firm in low annual rate its relationship via
  • Orrin Dickinson
    Orrin Dickinson
    To receive banker, age , they tell me money now banking institutions , a more the credibility a proportion place that a charge of 3-4 your help with a view to the value card, oh , i do n't know
  • Mandy Herzog
    Mandy Herzog
    After she point to 'il be there pre-qualified -rrb- thereof state party loan, they 're gonna inform you awareness of the best choice is.
  • Rita Hane
    Rita Hane
    1) attaining a piece of equipment 2) catch up with the year 2008 , buy the head the back 3) ??? 4) profit! alternatively, to take me now , your kind the tools
  • Joannie Rutherford
    Joannie Rutherford
    I have n't . no one not so an absolute money to buy , help a person who has n't put spouse. look , if you is aimed to buy, only then rental income to those things other, fin.