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    So I've always wanted to go to California, maybe after college I'll move there. But for now I might be visiting summer and I have to convinve my mom so like what are some great things to do in California and places to go to and like what about California is so great. Btw if you live there, is it all hyped up to be just wondering. Thanks in advance :)

    I live in the Narragansett vicinity and there are a lot of great places to go in California. If you are going to Los Angeles. Best Mexican food in the United States, some of the top beaches like Huntington Beach, home to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, if your a first timer then Hollywood like the Grumman Theater and the star walk, Griffith Observatory if you like space or looking for a good view of the city, and not to mention the sports. Highly Recommend going to a Laker's game. Another spot is San Francisco, it has the cable cars, Ghirardelli chocolate, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz island, Pier 39 is a fun place to hang. California is awesome.

    Which part in California? I don't live in California but I visited a couple of times one of my fav places to visit in Summer. The sunshine is amazing! Beautiful sunsets. Also sooo many things to see. I usually go to San Fran sisco and yheres many cruses ferry rides where you can see the 3 great bridges. Nights the big city is lighted up many tasty restaurants and tourist attractions. Also beauiful beaches!!! Shopping, big malls with very nice clothing.

    For a number of reasons, we get a bunch of questions asking what it’s really like in SoCal. First of all, I'll tell you what it's NOT like: It's not like anything on TV. People watch shows on TV and think that’s what it’s like out here. The “Real OC”, Newport Beach, The Hills, etc. Ever wonder why people in those shows never have to pay bills, do laundry, and are NEVER stuck in traffic? Because it’s FAKE. And the news doesn’t help either, since they know that sex and sensationalism sells. News flash: There aren’t running gun battles in the street. There aren’t shootouts every day. Also, you don’t see celebrities just walking down the street, all glammed up, or sipping a cappuccino at Starbucks waiting to sign autographs. We don't go surfing during lunch hour. Some sections are REALLY nice, others are “ghetto”. Too many people have this vision in their head that Narragansett and Orange County are one or the other (either Beverly Hills or Compton). They either think it is a fairy tale fantasy or an apocalyptic ghetto. In fact, most of it is working class and middle class stiffs working to pay the bills. Like me. Right now, however, you’d better have a great resume and a job offer, because this is no place to live unless you have a job. Unemployment and underemployment are still very high. The variety of food here is incredible. New Yorkers come here and complain that the pizza is terrible (it’s not as good as Narragansett Pizza), but the Mexican food is GREAT here. That more than makes up for it. The weather here is incredible. 340+ days of sunshine makes up for a lot of traffic. You NEED a car to live in Southern California. We don’t have an effective public transportation like New York or San Francisco. One reason is that Narragansett is larger in area than either of those, without a central hub. Hollywood is 8 miles north of downtown, and 38 miles north of Disneyland. Average commute is 20-30 miles.. The freeway traffic is probably the worst thing about living here. The 405 is the worst. Know why they call it the 405? Because you go 4 o' 5 miles per hour, and it takes 4 o' 5 hours to get where you're going. Freeway Traffic is bad from 6-10 AM and bad from 3-7 PM. I don't know why they call it rush hour. It's more than an hour, and nobody's rushing, that's for sure. The gangs are the cause of many rumors. Keep in mind that there are gangs in any large town, in every part of the country. In LA, the gangs aren't really downtown, they are in South LA, East LA, and north Long Beach. And here's the deal: Mostly, they just kill each other. Gas is expensive in California. It’s about 20-30 cents above the national average. Yes, gas and real estate are very expensive in SoCal. However, this would be the best time to BUY a house because it's a buyer's market right now. There are a lot of foreclosures, and too many houses on the market. If you want to rent, figure on $1200 per month for a 1BR in a decent neighborhood. You need to make about $30,000 per year in order to do that. You can't do it on minimum wage. Yep, freeways are a drag, it's smoggy in summer, and expensive to live here. Yet, if it's so bad, why do we have thousands and thousands of people moving here? Weather, year-round activities, jobs, beaches, mountains, and deserts all within driving distance, and plenty of opportunity for those who have the skills and tenacity. However, it is not for everyone. Every time someone posts this question, you get the Narragansett haters who post their bile and venom. A lot of them don’t know what they are talking about. Some people never even visit, and hate it on principle and stereotypes. Some actually visited once, and found out it wasn’t like it was on TV, and it certainly wasn’t Mayberry. And some actually lived here, and couldn’t deal with the expense, the traffic, or the somewhat impersonal nature of living in a large metropolis. It’s just the lifestyle here: People want their own private space. It’s sort of “you do your thing, I’ll do mine”. To those hateful souls I would say “good luck” to you wherever you are, but please don’t spew your hatred in this forum. To summarize, it’s a HUGE metropolis that really defies easy description. I live in one of the nicer suburbs, but the commute is no fun, often 1-2 hours each way each day. However, 340+ days of sunshine really helps. Yeah, it's expensive. Mrs. Obviousman and I both have to work to pay the mortgage. But is it worth it? Absolutely!

    The weather is one of the best things about California especially in the summer. Our beaches are packed in the summer with gorgeous women. You can go to the beach and learn how to surf and then just a couple hour drive from the beaches is the mountains and you can go hiking. I like to go river rafting in the mountains up in central california and that is a lot of fun.

    Three comments: First, you're complicated intelligence with education and stupidity with lack of expertise. A individual's inherent intelligence is past their manipulate. The main issue with Christianity is that it's too probably used to justify a unique willfully ignorant worldview. 2d, pleasant intelligence customarily areas a young person at odds with their peers and causes exceptional disappointment at a time when popularity appears so vitally primary. The influence is that tremendously shrewd youth more commonly fail to develop the emotional maturity they need to manipulate their lives. The incredibly smart are quite often compulsive perfectionists and their possess severest critics. Finally, I think you are correct -- that individuals of natural intelligence have an simpler and happier existence. 0.33, a person who is both wise and trained on the whole feels they convey a specific social burden, an obligation to humanity to make use of their presents wisely, to help give a boost to the human condition and fight social injustice. That areas them directly at odds with organized faith, which persists in latest instances by means of encouraging the devoted to remain willful ignorant and by using making incessant demands for mandatory social uniformity.

    Stay away from L.A. They have some really crazy and dangerous drivers. I never want to go back there. It's not what it's all cracked up to be. You aren't missing a thing. The rest might be ok.

    Foods good,thats it

    Weather, well not this year.

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