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    Okay. So here is the deal. I could go and live with my favorite aunt in California. She's dying to get me to come out there with her. She says Cali is beautifull. Or I could go to Canada (British Columbia) with my dad. He's from the U.S. but just recently became a citizen of Canada. Don't ask me why. I guess he just got fed up with the economy and the stress from everything over here. He seems VERY happy there though and I'm pretty interested in finding out what it's like over there. I know I can pick some place to live with one and just visit the other, but that's not what I'm asking. question is... Where should I go? What are some of the pros and cons of each place? I'm 17 and I want to have a nice time. I just don't know. My mom would rather I go to Canada with my dad just because she thinks the U.S. is going under. pshh. Any advice or suggestions, comments, etc would be appreciated. Thanks In Advance!

    The level of education you will receive in Canada far outweighs what you will get in California point blank. Case in point Canadian classmate went to California to go to school in grade 10, 2nd day in class there is a test, she got 90% of the geography test and the rest of the class got under 70%. It looks pretty bad that a person there 2 days does better than students that have gone to the school for years. College/university is 1/4 the cost of that in the US and good programs to go into. You would then have the option of going to school in Canada or the US for college which is an excellent option. You can apply for dual citizenship after awhile which is another bonus for you too. Medical coverage is not FREE all across Canada, it is run by the Provincial (same as State in the US) government. For BC there is a monthly fee it is either taken off his pay and a small percentage or he pays for it directly. It isn't that expensive though compared to costs in the US. Yes the weather can be cool in Vancouver but no cooler than if you lived in San Francisco, Sacramento or other areas of California. In fact some areas of California can be cooler with snow. vancouver gets snow but not nearly as much as other places do. You are not necessarily going to be freezing there, it is colder in Ontario than it is in BC. There is lots of things to do there as well, Stanley Park, Capilano Bridge, Whistler, Blackcomb, and other things there as well as within a short distance. Seattle is just a few hours away in a drive, you can go through the Okanagon and get fresh fruits & veggies, take a ferry over to Vancouver Island and see more things. Sports, Art, Music, History are all important factors in Vancouver as well. They are a very outgoing people, it is a great cultural experience and a chance that you might not have in a few years. your mom obviously thinks it is important for you to get away from where you are. US it is having a hard time right now, California is expensive and does not do well for school education, can be a good cultural mix in some areas but not in others, is open minded which is good. Economy is not the greatest right now and can get worse so it can be hard for you to get a job or go to college. College costs are high unless you go to a community college. Yes there is major attractions such as Universal Studios, Disneyland, etc.. but unless you live close to North Smithfield you are not going to get any more of a chance to see them than if you lived in Vancouver.

    It depends where you are starting from. And are you aware that the interesting parts of Manitoba and Ontario are well over 1000 miles apart? I am a Canadian living in California. Do California. While Canada is a great place, the interesting bits are too spread out.

    I've never been to Canada, but I want to go visit someday. I live in Southern Cali and it's pretty cool here. But it may get a little hot sometimes, depending on where you live. There might be alot of fun things to do. But I also heard that Canada is also very nice. Though it can be a little more expensive. So it all depends on you, I guess both can be nice places:)

    Okay, I've been to both (mainly Vancouver because I live here) Vancouver...well it depends on where you are. I absolutely love downtown. It's got a lot of attractions and if you go up north, you'll go to Whistler. You can learn how to ski (trust me, it's hella fun) or snowboard. It's pretty expensive here in Vancouver but it's fine. The spas here are just absolutely amazing (called "Absolute Spa"). There's a chinatown, gastown oh and don't miss out on granville, especially Vancouver Island with its victorian theme. Go way up north and you'll find yourself getting away from the city life and into nature. It's summer, perfect timing, it's not as hot as cali but it can go up to a high 31 degrees calcius. There's Stanley Park, which is one of the greatest parks in the world. Take a hike, go to the beach, bike or simply just walk. Stanley Park has totem poles and a nice aquarium, it's really pretty. In my opinion, Vancouver is like the weather in shows. Mild temp. of Spring with beautiful flowers blooming (my favourite are daffodils), hot summers (the ocean is cool, so it's perfect for hot weather), rainy autumn/fall and snowy winters. Good balance of nature. I don't know, I think Vancouver is fine, it's not as bad, not boring at all. As for california, it has...DISNEYLAND AND UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! They're lots of fun! You can go to San Francisco with the trolleys, those are so fun to ride on! It's hot all year round so you can be sure to get really tanned. The beaches there are amazing! Blue waters with white sand = paradise! There's also Las Vegas! You can gamble if you'd like, or just enjoy the city that never sleeps. I don't know much about california because I've only been there once, when I was little so I don't remember much.

    Contrary to what the previous poster said, Canada is not boring. I'd choose Canada. First British Columbia is amazing. Beautiful, lots to do, great people. Second, Canada's economy is booming. What area of BC? It's a big province. Some areas have great clubs and theatres, lots to do outdoors summer and winter. I've been to California and loved it, but economically, I'd opt for BC for the better opportunities. ___ Vancouver? GREAT CITY. It has clubs, pubs, theatre, movies, festivals, beaches, scenery to die for, restaurants taht are world class, Stanley Park, music, oh man I loved Vancouver. It is expensive (apartments) but if you have a place to stay, go for it. Schools are first class, multicultural, great history, moderate winters, close to some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see. Live in Vancouver and visit your aunt for holidays. The best of both worlds. I loved Vancouver. Fun and vibrant city.

    I can't tell you the pros and cons of Cali since I live in Ontario, Canada, but I can tell you the pros and cons of Canada Pros: Multi-cultural, accepts everyone and everything with two sexual organs to people who like bestiality, but those get arrested if caught, personally, I'd beat them to death for doing such a thing Great economy Awesome healthcare wanna get an MRI? you got it! free of charge, same with medical treatment if you're sick, but not if you want to change something on your body just because it don't feel right to you, but it not actually harming anything Water supply: Canada has the best natural and most water supply in the world, and it's not running out anytime soon. Canadians like to be green. Personally, I think it's waste of time. If your dad is living in vancouver, then you guys must be rich since it's an expensive city to live in....though there's not much to see in that part of Canada, if you head more east towards Ontario, you can enjoy a nice cottage weekend in Muskoka, or the beautiful blue mountain ski/snowboard resort up in Collingwood..but Whistler in BC is the best one in all of Canada Pros: You may find yourself freezing to death in the winter, here in Canada, our weather is that of the Antartic (lol jk) but it's pretty cold...give yourself a few years and you'll adapt to it and actually like it.. I LOVE fall and winter and HATE spring and summer. If you're looking for a decent job that will get you six figures or higher salary, don't bother with this country. Vancouver may be called "Hollywood North" but it doesn't get you the actress or director job you really want to get working in hollywood and making MILLIONS of's got a great film school that will teach you the tools of the trade, but don't rely on it to give you an automatic pass to can still go to it to learn how to work a camera, write a script, act etc..but from there one, make a portfolio and study in America, you'll have better chances there, which is what im planning to do when i finish film school short summary, don't look for a very high salary in the millions, you'll have better chances in America or outside of Canada on an international level... Hockey, I don't like it, and if you say you're American or you like Football, that Canadian rumor that says canadians are very freindly goes out the door..they get real rowdy and turn rosey red when you make fun of their crappy>hockey anyday it accepts everyone..and that can be a bad thing don't wanna too many weirdos with two body organs running around, or nancies our prices on goods are higher than yours, way higher..I guess it's what keeps the economy in shape...with the new HST tax, your food will cost slightly's a very confusing system, and it can be a pain in the *** sometimes but hey, i'll trade your place in Cali ANYDAY over guys have the American Dream there, you got hollywood, I can actually make a decent living there..whaddaya say? wanna trade places? I ALWAYS wanted to see Cali as a kid...

    Canada. California is currently a disaster.

    I would pick California there's lots more fun to do there I've visited Canada before its VERY boring! i hope to be visiting California someday soon though.

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