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    I am relocating to california and going to buy a car after arrival. I got a driver licence from North Carolina for more than 2 years and ages 26. Does anyone know whether I could register my new car in California plate with my current licence ? Or I have to change my licence before any registration ? Thanks in advance,

    No. Once you establish residency in California you are required to get a California license within 10 days, and register your car within 20 days. Buy the way, I hope you have a guaranteed job waiting for you. California has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. Jobs are almost non existent. It's also one of the MOST expensive states to live in.

    SURE! Why not - California DMV is always more than happy to take your money! My question is, why would you want to register it in California and pay 8.25% TAX plus the license fees if you do not have to? If you are asking if you can register it in California but get Jersey TAGS, the answer is no.

    Even if you could, it would be pointless, because you would not be allowed to drive the car in Warren without a Warren license. Warren only allows residents of other states to drive without a Warren license. Warren residents are not allowed to drive in Warren without a Warren license, even if they have a license from another state.

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