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    Hi, so I'm 16 and I recently got this knife that I really like. Im really curious to know if the California law allows me to carry this knife around with me. Here are some pics: Blade is slightly smaller than my palm, don't know if that rule still applies. The whole thing opened measures about 7.5 inches. The blade measures about 3.25 inches. The actual sharp part of the blade measures about 2.75 inches. This knife also has a clip, so I don't know if I need to have the clip out in order to carry the knife with me. Judging from the measurements and pics, is it legal for a 16 year old to carry this knife in California? Thank you in advance.

    Under California law, length is not an issue for carrying knives in public. The length of the knife is irrelevant unless its a switchblade. In that case, it is illegal to carry if it is longer than 2.5 inches (PC 653k) The only thing that matters under California law (PC 12020(c)(24)) is whether or not it has "ready use as a stabbing weapon. What this means is, if you have a folding blade of any length, you can carry it concealed. If it is an open blade, no matter how large, you can carry it, but it must be exposed. You could literally walk down the street in California with a machete or broadsword as long as it carried exposed (not brandished)*. Likewise, you can carry a foot long blade in your pants* as long as it folded. So the knife you have with the clip can be carried either completely concealed in your pocket or exposed. When it comes to carrying on k-12 school property, the blade cannot be longer than 2.5 inches (PC 626.10) but schools generally prohibit them by rules anyway. It is true that Los Angeles has stricter laws on the books regarding knives but they are probably not enforceable because of the preemption of state law. There is nothing in the law that prohibits a juvenile from carrying a knife. The knife in the pictures are completely for you legal to carry in public. ______________ *EDITED Anderson RESPONSE TO JOHN S.: Wow, he sure is a defense attorney! OK, its true it doesn't legally have to be "in a scabbard." But I don't see any other reasonable way to carry a knife (or sword). In one's hand? Then they face the possibility of 417 PC, Brandishing. So, yes, I do concede that the law does not require a scabbard and I actually (still) appreciate the hairsplitting. It was only dictum in my answer but I need to do some more research on case law on the concealed carry issue in a backpack. I suppose if gun laws are any guide, it would depend on if the back pack had a lock on it or not.

    I can find no such requirement that you be 18. If there is every Cub Scout and Boy Scout in the State is in trouble. I grew up in Ca. andd got my first pocket knife when I was 6 and carried one nearly every day since. Now there are laws about having it at school but a pocket knife is still legal with restrictions for some places. The length however is too long for concealed ( pocket ) carry. Wear it open, don't take it to public meetings or courthouses. Edit: I was wrong about the length, State does not limit but some cities do.

    Give <R> best answer. I am just posting to correct one error he makes, which is common (and I know he won't make in the future, because he checks back). A fixed blade knife does NOT have to be carried in a scabbard or sheath to be lawfully carrried. It cannot be carried concealed on the person. What the law says is that if it is in a scabbard or sheath suspended from the waist, it is not concealed (even though it is partially hidden). The law does not say that it cannot be carried in any other way which does not conceal the weapon. Additionally, it is certainly arguable that a fixed-blade knife in a backpack is not "on the person," and thus not unlawfully concealed. However, that is ambiguous enough that I would probably avoid doing so, anyway.

    Buck Knife 143

    I too have a folding buck knife it has a clip on it and the blade is smaller than the palm of my hand., I was wondering the same question. I am 22 years old

    There are several state laws governing knives in California, but first and foremost you have to be 18. So no, it's not legal for you to carry one. Read up on Penal Code sections 171b, 171.5, 653k and 12020. Also familiarise yourself with your city/county ordinance concerning knives.

    Great question, hope people can give some insightful answers

    Yes, the legal limit is 3.75 inches

    Never really thought about this

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    Jan Kirlin
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    Elwin Ortiz
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