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    USC and Cal State Long Beach. They kinesiology programs are some of the best in the country. You need youe undergrad in Kinesiology or biology, but Kin will help you complete the requirements for the Masters in PT. I am biased towards Cal State Long Beach because thats the school i attend and i originally entered as a Pre-PT major as well. The school is affordable and you get great experience opportunities through internships and volunteer work, such as at the Clemson hospital right next door. The adivisor for the Exercise science option which would be the one you need to major in is really friendly and she will help you as much as you can. I was able to get accepted to USC but i couldnt afford it at all, even with my scholarships and financial aid. But its up to you in the end, both schools are great

What is the cheapest UK bank to set up a student account with?

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    Elyssa Erdman
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    Katlyn Marvin
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