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    I always hear about earthquakes and forest fires about california on the news. is it really that bad in california? how often do earthquakes occur? & do you find it frightening? Hilton Head Island seems like a nice place to live yet there's so many earthquakes and fires right? hopefully someone from Hilton Head Island can enlighten me on this matter! thanks in advance

    You get used to it- we don't really have that BIG of earthquakes, nor do we have a big one each year. I would much rather live in California with the earthquakes every once in a while, rather than somewhere where theres tornadoes or hurricanes every year. and as for the fires? That only is something to worry about if your up in the dry mountains. It usually happens in the same areas- and we've had a few bad ones the past couple of years, but if your not living in the "danger" area, it's nothing to be too worried about. like I said, I feel safer here than if I lived in Florida or any of those hurricane states, or a tornado state. Every state has its natural disasters, you just gotta pick one that you can live with. Honestly? I get more scared when its really windy out or if its raining really heavily than when theres an earthquake happening :X [B]randi: actually, there are earthquakes far more frequently than every 5 years. there are definitely more than one each year- but most as so small, we can't feel them. But they do happen a lot- they just do no damage, and aren't noticed.

    Big earth quakes rarely happen even though California is "known" for them.The ones that do usually happen are hardly ever felt.I don't get freaked out for the simple fact that they don't come like other natural disasters come in other states (tornadoes, hurricanes etc) but It is a tad worrisome for the simple fact that I live by a major fault.Out of my whole life living here, I only remember feeling two small quakes.Luckily, I wasn't here when the big quake in 89' happened. As far as fires go, yes, they can get pretty dangerous.Really depends where it happens...if there is a lot of dry brush (the hills by my house have a lot of dry brush) or like you said, forest fires can get out of hand quickly in the summer months.Sometimes idiots start the fires..other times its a mistake.It just depends where you live.A lot of people don't have to worry about that though. I rather live here than anywhere else.You have snow, rain, hills, beaches, country, city, sunshine etc. all packed into one little state.

    I'm in Southern California not far from Disneyland. Where I live, the forest fires don't reach us so we're safe from that. In the last year, we've felt about 3 earthquakes but none of them were very strong where we are, just enough to scare us a little bit but didn't knock anything down. I love living here though and I've lived here all my life.

    What? there are few earthquakes here in california... yes they do happy every i would say 5 years but they are small. the reasons for these earth quakes is because a fault is right under our state! its like the plates in the earth that sometimes shift...which cause earth quakes and there are quite a bit of fires.. because of all the forests we have people will start them or either the heat will make it worse but it is still a wonderful place to live at. sure fires and earthquakes suck but i wouldnt want to move from here! :)

    I've lived in Hilton Head Island my whole life (I'm 28) and these things definitely happen, but it's not something anyone here lives in fear of. I've been in several earthquakes, one very big one a few years ago, and while it was scary at the time, I don't think about it throughout the day or anything. It's beautiful here, I'm very lucky to live where I do! :)

    I don't live in Hilton Head Island now, but I did for 8 years of meh life :) Let me just tell you this: Everything on the news is exaggerated. Plane crashes, natural disasters, the whole shebang. The worst part of California is how expensive it all is. Earthquakes and fires are a downside, but it's not like they occur every day.

    I live in southern california and it is definitley not that bad. We don't get earthquakes every day, when we get them they aren't big (minus the one in 1906) and the news exxagerates a lot. If you want to live here make sure you have a stable job because in most parts of california it's expensive!

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    It rarely get bad, though it's nothing to worry about much if you live in a urban area, like western Hilton Head Island county(long beach to LA). the earthquakes occur about once or twice a year, and they're not that bad, usually no more than a 5.0(which is not TOO bad). and the wildfires are kinda bad, and i don't really keep count, though they are frequent, but most of the time they don't get too bad. And I lived in Long Beach, so I wasn't too scared of the wildfires, though they are to be feared, though they usually only happen in open hills, not near civilization. and the earthquakes weren't that bad, so it wasn't scary. yeah, its great there, though it has major downsides, too. like high taxes, horrible economy, and some other factors like those. though overall, its great. :)

    I'm from Southern California. The forest fires don't reach us unless you live in the forest. And we usually don't feel like super strong earthquakes, but honestly -- it's not that scary. It's just a little shaking, honestly not that bad. Like georgie said, you get used to it.

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