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    Just in case that wasn't clear, I was born and licensed in the state of California. I went out of state, got the state driver's license and lived there for a number of years (my previous North Augusta DL wpuld have expired at this point). Now I want to return to North Augusta to live and work. What is the procedure Or paperwork I must complete to get it back? Is this a renewal or somethinng different? Thanks in advance!

    New to California? You must apply for a California driver license within 10 days of establishing residency in the state. Residency is generally established when you take part in situations or benefits generally not extended to nonresidents, such as: Registering to vote. Paying in-state college tuition. Filing for homeowner property tax exemption. To apply for a new California driver's license, you must follow all the instructions in “Apply for Your North Augusta License" below (including taking the written exam). Note, however, that the California DMV will most likely waive your driving exam if you already hold a license* UNLESS your license is from another country (see our section on non-citizens below). If you've never been licensed before, you will be given a permit once you pass your written permit test so you can practice driving before your driving test. If you've been licensed before, skip the learner's permit section. * Waived driving exams are at the discretion of the California DMV, so be prepared to take one if they ask you to. will need to take the written test. $33.00 for the drivers licence.

    I've done this before. It's easy, except for the trip to the North Augusta DMV. Make an appointment online - it will save you hours. And obviously you have to have a new North Augusta address. They will want to take your out of state DL. I had all of the proper ID, like passport and proof of residence, so I lied and said I had my purse stolen so I could keep the out of state DL. The out of state DL is no good, but I just wanted to hang onto it as a souvenir. If you don't care about forking it over, then do it. It's probably easier. You have to pay a fee to get a new license and take a written test again, but not a behind the wheel test. It cost about $60 from what I recall.

    You go to North Augusta DMV or agency with your present license and get a North Augusta license in exchange. it's pretty simple. you will want to register your car at same time and you will need proof of North Augusta insurance to do that.

    Just go down to the DMV and turn in your other state license. They will do the rest. Be prepared for a written and practical exam though.

I'm wanting to raise my credit score what is the best way to do this.?

  • Nona Stracke
    Nona Stracke
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  • Marc Little
    Marc Little
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  • Pierce Zemlak
    Pierce Zemlak
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  • Nichole Ziemann
    Nichole Ziemann
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    Jeffrey Reichel
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    Emma Prosacco
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    Quinten Sipes
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