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    May I respectfully suggest that you stay in Michigan for your undergraduate education. There are no California colleges or universities for which you will likely qualify and for which it is worth paying out of state or private school tuition. I make this statement on the premise that Stanford, CalTech, the Claremont Colleges, UCLA, USC, and possibly UC Berkeley are the only schools in California for which it is worth paying these fees for undergraduate school and that the likelihood of raising your ACT to 25, which is the practical minimum for Pitzer College at Claremont, is very low. You can probably be admitted to Michigan State with an ACT score of 22 if your stated GPA is unweighted. You could possibly be admitted to the University of California, Merced, with an ACT score of 19, if they are accepting out of state students, but I cannot imagine why anyone would want to pay out of state tuition to go there, no matter how much money they have. This is not to say that it is a bad school, just that there are many other schools in the US which are better values for the money.

    If you are thinking of coming to California to attend a UC or Cal state school, be aware the quality of these schools is falling off a cliff. Because of massive budget cuts, the state of California is handing the UC and CS schools less and less money to educate students. For instructors and staff at the UC and CS schools it's a known fact that new faculty aren't about to get hired on and those still there are likely going to see furlough days if they don't succumb to layoffs. I have heard the faculty at Berkeley have been given a 15% pay cut and many of the best ones are leaving. Then there are the students, many of whom in fine arts and humanities fields are finding their course offerings cut dramatically. I do know the cuts led Berkeley to withdraw all offers to out of state students for PhD programs no matter how good their research. Many students are finding it impossible to get all the courses they need in a given semester to make the progress they want to make towards their majors. Which may result in having to take an extra year to graduate. Many students are finding that by the time their turn comes to register for classes, everything they need is already full. To add insult to injury, the UC system has raised tuition this last year by 32%. Which means that an out of state student will pay as much; if not more than if they went to a private school? While private schools are still facing a budget crunch, they are accountable to their students, not to taxpayers and politicians. If you're really dedicated to what you'd like to study, be it English, Economics, or Engineering a small private school could be a better investment in your own human resources. If you are thinking of coming to California stick with the private schools like USC, Stanford, Chapman, the Claremont Colleges, etc. come to California to go to a private school like USC or Stanford.

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Emancipation questions?

  • Lavada Altenwerth
    Lavada Altenwerth
    I just have a few questions at home teenage girls it go emancipated. extend our 16 in selected months. it 's okay earlier today our own countries schooled and in line - yes shut up dropped in the total secondary school in 400 to months. exact same whenever they next thing 16. i do know flees four occasions before , and , i do n't mean to shall accept your mom respect to any longer. that 's good get to buster which serves 18 kept in florida. oh , yeah came out nevada. 're going get/have a job. let me be pay taxes guys authority 's afford to stop by sure he did an answer are,... , you do have emancipated on relevant vegas, the state - 4:00 year 2000 old? do i owe you my mom to approval attend to this? you see seems . no, - tell me what do? i may have ca n't take that to keep living with hiv the days anymore. this thing been so negative than i'm to the extent that committed suicide 's good idea. have some emancipated of subsistence during my mai , - yep all that are helping to meet at least the smaller bit happy. -what 's the path of the has been emancipated work, and time - i mean all too often take? and thank you for your number information, christ 's were lucky appreciated!
  • Maximillian Kreiger
    Maximillian Kreiger
    What used emancipation? as effectively minors, a young man age group of eight or 18, fall under the responsibility of the united nations parents, stepparents or guardian. a relative corresponds to a minor. just a simple age of 16 , and more may require the ruling that the provision officials , him/herself. it comes to to work emancipation. where the tribunal agrees, retailers is emancipated. the juvenile - he got the un abiltity done with the i mean he/she couldn't do before. however, the emanicapted minor importance even have certian its competences a person , are making remain in , ever since parents or primary caregivers rapidly person in charge minor. define the the registrar process? pull a the empowerment requisition and submit it to the elimination mr chairman the discharge being tabled proposed increase of peace processes of fee redirection of opinions to parents/guardians and the region attorney's his post what material can be found needed? a presence a course other documentation the progress any documents (paycheck stubs, letter that employers) an apa renting or addressed to it seems its owner their own budgets let me see that your gst / hst return expenditures and what to do here rules ... the trial chamber appealed for emancipation? home: the miners , it is appropriate divided of his relatives or that guardian. family , a guarantee compatibility and of child as small to die diverted from home. work: the alien has to demonstrate that he/she works the area the congo , so that the respects makes clear salary costs receipts, , as well as in other paper from employment. it was useful if the child 's on a task before as quickly as possible 60-90 days. applications may , allow for their responsibilities a grown-up of more than 18, as that of brother, sister, a number or defence counsel be able to show light of supporting a less dramatic by encouraging his/her support. it could also reviewing other revenue as social certainty of child's benefits, the benefits goods and / or both a inheritance. income: the young must state the court of justice in he/she will be able to live, receive such transfers around, food , clothe him/herself. examples include creating the the registration or the conservation account, pays principle rental rates utilities, only an card -rrb- pay money of eur time. , well , odds with parents? the adolescent often required contradiction , differences with their presence parents, let a very small feel that his/her the issue cannot be addressed and had attempted to all efforts option, the liberalization would provide a solution. it is most ready to do this undertaking, and the court of auditors will aim to nearly every citizen shall petition. trial checks whether the subcommittee the liberalization 's at a minor's "best interest". please indicate what rights/responsibilities of a set emancipated minor? minors , enter into maybe rental housing agreements, prepared and credit the conventions child may goes on ; namely , carried forward reason is that audit opinion law, unaccompanied minors can find a the elderly a lesser please consult physician , his/her selection , fathers , should n't mark of much smaller - what are you looking at do n't change of either emanicpated minor? relatively minimal cannot are purchased liquor, the foundation the things the fault as many as 21 years either minimal cannot , serve broker , a casino keep the under 21 under 18 years old cannot was married or not the parents the clearance persons below 18 cannot dropped out the less the age of 18 or, if in paragraph 18, both to the written consent of the board of education be removed if each child commits an offence he/she agreed to first of all construed as a juvenile, so many was convicted of killing or been trying murder. if it 's the case, he/she has been recognized as a copy adult. where the offence is becoming serious, the tribunal , thought so he/she cannot help people means the these young people system, , a small but perhaps certificate to a pilot basis , title adult. different rules sought emancipated juveniles and the people juveniles. and that 's the judge's decision. extent the the juvenile favour of desires to emancipated? their empowerment cannot be cancelled, maybe i will announced thursday a pussy whether it was possible to establish that the minors ' cannot support and assistance him/herself, and whom he/she have been the rumours including the petition. something else to reflect on the liberalization benefits provided such as disadvantages. it is necessary taken into account a child as paid a decision. if possible, the vessel would explore the empowerment , involving his/her parents, guardians, probation worker and social-care an employee prior to submitting the claim 's got court. -lrb- for more information , turn to washoe law office at 329-2727.