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    I live in Temecula, California (about 45min north of San Diego) and my girlfriend and I want to go camping on the beach. We want an area where we can camp in a tent on the beach and have a fire. Smoking on the beach is preferred, but we can work without it. We don't want to go more than 2 hours away. Does anyone have any suggestions of places we can go? San Clemente is all reserved and oceanside doesn't allow tent camping, so those are out.

    All beach camping in southern california is by reservation only and was so reserved 6 months ago. Doheny as suggested would be closest to you but it is also the dirtiest beach in the state (I would not even take my dogs there). A brand new campground is Crystal Cove state park Moro cove but again reservations are a year in advance. Good luck!

    Check Doheny. It's at Dana Point, just north of San Clemente. Also check San Onofre and El Morro (near Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach). I'm not sure if you mean you want to camp directly on the beach in the sand, but to my knowledge, there are no campgrounds that provide this. Doheny is the closest you will get. The rest are well above the beaches on bluffs. Beyond these ideas, you will need to go farther north to Los Angeles County. If you really are insisting to camp right on the beach, you may want to check out Pismo Beach, which is unfortunately well outside your two hour limit. I'm not sure if they allow tents, but motorhomes and trailers are common. Smoking on the beach is going to be a tough one. State parks don't allow it, nor do many beach cities. I'm not sure what San Diego has to offer, I never camped any farther south than Carlsbad (Oceanside). You might want to go to reserveamerica dot com if you haven't already. I've stayed at all the places both you and I mentioned.

    In most of California (except the far North part) you have to think a year ahead. Everything is all booked up now. There is very little Beach camping in existence.

    Properly, that is not L.A. county..yet,there is an section on the aspect of the only 0 one street basically earlier Carpinteria the position you are able to park your motor vehicle, r.v. whetever, and pitch a tent properly on the coastline. The go out is one mile above the 33 ojai street , if you're heading north from L.A. Forgive me for no longer understanding the precise go out.

    Yes. East on Rock Hill Hwy 86. South on Rock Hill Hwy 195. South on Rock Hill Hwy 111. After crossing Salt Creek Bridge, Slow after 9.30 miles to turn South on Avenue A. Slow after 0.60 mile to turn East on 5th. Stop at 0.50 mile on 5th at Aisle of Palms. Park. Climb Dike staircase. Descend to sea. Come early to enjoy the views.

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