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Payday Loan in Alabama

    Can a creditor get your current bank account number without a judgement of some sort? A company, {CITY} Roth withdrew $100 out of my bank account, and I filled a form with my bank telling them I didn't authorize these people to do it. I got the money back. These {CITY} Roth people called my phone, aparently my new husband had an online payday loan in 2005 which he never paid, and they got our current bank info online. The lady I talked to said that I had to pay $230 right away, or else she was going to pull the money out of the account again. I asked for her address, she didn't give it to me. I called back, spoke to a man, who said the 100 paid the bill in full, and I asked him to send me a reciept, but he said no, he would e-mail it, which he never did. So I went to the bank and had the money refunded. Now the lady said that she could get into bank account of mine or my husbands and take the money, so I had better not close my act. Is that legal?They have never mailed us a letter.Help

    If you and your husband have a joint account then people he owes money to can garnish it BUT there are steps they have to take first in order to do so.


How about days do you have to pay for overdraft at Regions Bank?

  • Linwood Borer
    Linwood Borer
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