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    Hopefully you have an established relationship with a bank or credit union. That should be your first stop, but be aware that they may steer you toward a line of credit product, since a $2500 loan is very small in today's world. There is nothing wrong with this approach, as it will also still be there when you have paid it off. However, you will need to be that much more persistent in the payoff plan. Good luck!

    I went across the net and discovered a lot of scams. After all the site that was usefull for me: loandirectory.info- RE I need a loan to pay off payday loans any suggestions? I need to get out of these my budget is at its limit. And I already have two jobs and I dont have anything to sell. And my family doesnt have the money to get me out of this mess. I know I was stupid but I used them to pay for the mortgage because my husband was ill and for food and utility bills.

    The best way to get out is to pay a little over every month and gradually bring it down and when it gets low enough not to break you pay it all off. These things will trap you so fast and then your stuck paying to renew so you only actually add another bill to yourself, always a last resort.

    You need to check out this video on how to increase your credit score by using a 100% legal loophole. Here is the video URL: I was able to get to 595 from 489 in just one day and from 489 to 748 in just a few week; that's pretty fast in my book. Good luck!

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    When it comes to personal credit restoration, you really have two options. You can repair negative report on your own, and you are not required to hire professional services. There is a significant reduction on the time spent on the process. Also, they will take care of the paperwork and also the negotiations. You’ll be responsible for transmitting the communications that you have received to the credit counselor and also carry out the agreements which have been made on your behalf.

    Sounds like you need to go see a credit counsellor. If your budget and income is already stretched to its limits then your debt needs a new angle.

    So basically you want to go further into debt to pay off debts you're already having trouble handling What's wrong with this plan ?

Judgements and student loans?

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    Linda Feeney
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    Guy Kirlin
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