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Payday Loan in Alabama

    I am looking for a good company to give me a payday loan. I have been searching for weeks and they all end up frauds. I just want to be able to borrow the money and pay back a reasonable amount. (Example of not reasonable: borrow 700.00 and pay back 5,000.00.) Thats basically what I have been getting. I need to borrow 1500.00 btw. I am looking for answers from people who have experienced this. THANKS Alabama ADVANCE.

    I got a $400 loan last month from Spotya.com it was completely legit. they advertise that they are "direct payday lenders" and they have the "lowest fees online' it was only $15 for every $100 borrowed. I couldn't find it any cheaper. I know that there is a maximum amount of money they loan depending on what state your in. I found them here

    Here is a page with legitimate Payday Loan Websites that offer no interest on your first payday loan

    You are better off taking cash advance from your credit card. Payday loans are very expensive.

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