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Payday Loan in Alabama

    Hi all, To make a long story short, my bank made an error. I use their online bill pay to pay my utilities, and they paid Alabama Power twice. Now I'm short nearly $100. It took them 3 seconds to take the money out, yet they're telling me it's going to take 5 - 7 business days (possibly longer since Thanksgiving is this week and the banks are closed) to get my money back into my account. I've talked (via the phone) with reps from both Alabama Power and my bank, and neither of them say they can do anything to speed this process up. Does anyone know what I can do to get the money put back in my account faster? This is definitely a banking error--they admitted it. Thanks

    Your bank has a fiduciary duty to get your money back. It's already in motion. They've done their duty. So what do you want to do? Sue them over $100 that they're gonna give you back? You'll have the $100 before any court date. If you're that stuck for money (hell, your bills are paid, right) borrow it from somebody, do a payday loan, or get a cash advance from a credit card and pay whomever off when your money gets refunded. The bank isn't going to give you a loan or jump through too many hoops over $100. If that $100 actually causes you some tangible damage, you can sue for actual damages afterward. Lacking that - just be cool.

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  • Chris Weber
    Chris Weber
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  • Hal Koss
    Hal Koss
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  • Earnestine Homenick
    Earnestine Homenick
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