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    My husband is in the enlistment stage of this whole thing and most of the time hard to get a hold of the recruiter so i am asking here we would like to know what his pay would be durning basic and tech school we also have a daughter together and i have two other kids dont know if that comes into play with pay so i thought i would tell you but i wanted to make sure i was reading everything right in what i found out looking around online oh he is also signing for 6 years so i think they said after basic or tech he goes to an E3 . . . so during basic he would be E1 or E3 not sure so if he was E1 he would get paid 1300 (rounding) for base pay because under 4mos we live in Tacoma, Wa so he would get BAH of 1200 and than if gone for 30 or more get 250 on top of that without taking taxes out and also what is this i read about getting a food allowance does that get added in there is just so many things to think about i just dont know what it is and than i hear 250 to 350 taking out of 1st paycheck for him to spend while he is there for stuff that isnt free. . . also would it be smart to just start saving now for a just in case we dont get the paycheck with the right amount on it cause i have heard stories about that too just afraid i wont have money to pay for everything we need also i dont work only him because i stay at home to take care of our daughter . . . i am just worried that some how he could get a check for 400 and i would be stuck with trying to pay the bills

    Your husband will be paid at the E3 rate during BMT, he just won't be considered an Airman First Class or get to wear his stripes until after he graduates. He will get $250 for Family Separation for the second month of BMT only. The first 30 days of separation doesn't count, unfortunately. He will be paid the BAH for the {CITY} area. You will not receive BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence, or the food allowance) until he moves off-base during tech school or at his first base if he does not move off-base during tech school. The reason he doesn't get the food allowance during BMT is because all of his meals are covered and served to him at the chow hall. The BAS is meant for the military member only, and won't be paid unless he has moved out of the dorms. Count on $300 to $400 being used by your Airman while he's at BMT for supplies, and count on the pay being late or having some sort of mistake. My husband and I didn't get paid until the end of week 5. You're looking at about $2500 for the first month and about $3180 for the second before taxes. Don't panic. It sounds like you're panicking a little, and while that is understandable, you need to take a deep breath and try to relax. There are emergency loans available through the Air Force Aid Society that you can pay back over time once your husband is out of BMT. Whatever you do, stay away from the typical Payday Loan places! My advice to you would be to get a part-time job now to create a savings cushion for the bills when your husband leaves for basic training. It may take quite a while for him to ship out, though, since the AF and Navy are both having a hard time accepting new enlistees, particularly since your husband will already have 4 dependents--he may not be accepted at all. You need to be 100% clear with your recruiter about that, as typically that many dependents usually requires a waiver or two.

    1,. he doesn't get bas in basic or tech school, only after. 2. You need to be prepared to pay all our bills for at least 6 weeks, without being paid by the air force. If he starts basic, before the 7th of a month, then most likely he will receive his first pay at the end of that month. If he starts basic after the 7th, then it will be the 15th of the month after Figure the first payday, after three weeks But sometimes it can take an extra pay day, before pay starts to be deposited. 3. So you either need to save enough money to pay the bills for 6 weeks, or you need to go talk to all your creditors and let them know , he is enlisting and starting basic training on XXX date And work something out, to be able to push the due date of the bills back, until he is paid. Most creditors will work something out, as long as you talk to them, BEFORE he goes to basic. 4. You can also just ask parents for a loan, till the pay is deposited, then pay them back.

    He gets E-3 pay during basic. He just doesn't get to wear the stripes until graduation day. He also gets BAH for the location you are at, plus Dislocation Allowance.

    Military gets paid 2 times a month the 1st and the 15th usually, he probably didn't have a complete paycheck because it wasn't 15 days

    He becomes E3 after he graduates from Basic and tech. So E1

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