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Payday Loan in Alaska

    I know I shouldnt be posting this online, but Ive come to my wits end. I am a 25 year old woman who recently gave my apartment to another woman who was homeless on the streets with 4 children. I couldnt bare to see her 4 children suffering in the cold so I offered for her to move into my small one bedroom apartment because I was suppose to be moving into a different one this weekend. Unfortunately, I my purse was stolen (no idea who took it) and the police cant do anything right now as they said.So of course all of my cash was inside my purse along with my rent and security for my new place because I was going over there the following day to give it to the landlord. Now, I am screwed, because I am now the homeless one, I have slept in my car for the last 2 nights because I am broke until my next payday which isnt until the 21st. I have no friends or relatives, and nobody is willing to loan me money. I cant stay with her because its crowded there as it is with all her kids in a tiny apt

    Well if you can manage you money correctly there is no harm in a payday loan. get yourself a coupld hundred dollars to get a place even a hotel for a week or two to get out of your car. they charge a flat fee say 20$ on every hundred and its a sucky way to go but you can get cash. Alaska talk to this woman who is in your old apartment. ask her if you can come into the house at like 11 when the kids are asleep and sleep on the floor. (anything is better then your car) you were willing to help her she should be willing to do the same. New york is close to jersy i know they do it payday loan or car title loan. If your still on the lease at your apartment have the landlord evict this lady and dont worrry about her kids, shes the one that keeps having them, then call CPS on her since shell be homeless. Craigslist is another good thing you can find a person with a room to rent tell them teh situation and im sure some nice perosn like you will understand Craigslist.com select your town and look for rooms to rent

    Well, I really feel your pain on this one. My sister was taken advantage of in a similar way by someone she thought would benefit from her generosity. Ask the woman if you can spend the night there for while as a repayment for your help. Car sleeping really sux don't it? Anyway, I know room will be tight there, but is the car any better? All you can do is start over & this time, put this on your list of things you've done and will never do again. As per usual, being nice usually gets you nothing & it always costs more then you ever thought it would. Sadly, this is why I give nothing to charity. The only thing I do give is clothes to the amvets and it's always anonymous. G'luck sister.

    Well it seems like based on your good deed you have two choises . If you could go to your boss and explain the sisutation and he might (should) give you an advanse on your pay. The lanlord of your new place might let you move in early and make you pay a ltlle extra . You did a very good deed and it will come back to you so ask you boss you might be surprised at there answer . Good Luck

    I had my purse sto;len too after i got pistol whipped and i had my payday money in there as i had just left the bank.we slept in my car for 2 months till i almost died from phomonia .You coul;d call st,Vincent Alaska Paul as they maybe could help you with a mission to stay in.go stay with the lady you gave your place to as at least you would be safe at nite.They also have missions where women can stay and eat at daily and they aren;t to bad...I ended up going to jail as i was not going to let my little brother sleep in the streets with me' as i am raising him.it would be better being crowded at nite as you won;'t even notice' as ya all will be sleeping anyway.

    Evict her. She can go to a shelter. Why should you have to go? She should be getting support for her kids. Something doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense, it isn't true.

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