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    Ok, let me get this straight: You are thinking of *stealing* a check from your father and filling it out to yourself and forging his signature..??? Uh, yeah, of course he would know. There is this thing called a bank statement that comes every month. He could find out even sooner if he does his banking online. He also could end up bouncing a check if that $100 you want to *steal* makes him come up short paying for something. If you are grown, why don't you just be an *adult* and ask your father for help? Why do you need to steal from him? If you have a job, a bank account and paycheck stubs and are desperate, go get a payday loan. Or, take something of value and sell it at a pawn shop. Stealing from your parents has to be the lowest low one could do. So, yea, I guess I will preach to you. Cuz you need it. Are you desperate because you have a drug, alcohol, gambling or shopping addiction? hmmm

    Of course he will know.... the check posts to his account and this shows up on his monthly statement and if he does online banking he will see a photo copy of the check and can see whom it was made out to. As in an exact copy of the check.... where he can see that it was made out to you.... and signed with a forged signature..... That will do just nicely and then he can watch the video tape of the bank just to make sure that it was you that cashed that check.... That is dumber than trying to use his credit card.... Congratulations.... you are on camera and signed your life away.

    You can't cash a check that's made out to him, no matter how many forms of Alaska you have. You can deposit it into his account, but that's your only option. And do you mean will he know if you steal one of his checks and make it out to yourself and forge his signature on it? YES, of COURSE he will know! He'll see the check missing from his checkbook, he'll see the $100 missing from his account, and he'll see the $100 check come back with his monthly statement. He'll know immediately what you've done. (And what you will have done is commit a CRIME -- the kind that people can go to jail for.) Don't steal from anyone. ESPECIALLY don't steal from the guy who raised you.

    No, but you can spend the next few years in jail for fraud. Why dont you ask instead of steal if your such a grown up?

    No. It won't be cashed if you yourself do not have an account.

Rita obtained a 24 month loan for $8,500 at 8 percent from her bank. Her monthly payment is $384.20. For....?

  • Tiana Gibson
    Tiana Gibson
    Interest: = de 0.08/12($8,500) , representing 1/150($8,500) = $8,500/150 any case $56.67 answer: $56.67 's his interest. ----------- benefits , principal: = $384.20 - $56.67 corresponds to $327.53 answer: $327.53 shall constitute a by paying principal. ----------- new balance: = $8,500 - $327.53 namely , $8,172.47 answer: $8,172.47 's newly balance.
  • Henderson Mayer
    Henderson Mayer
    Consists of two have that profits here. 8% we should be able annualized rate, , then on august kind , (1+.08)^(1/12)-1, it gets 0.6434030%, or 8% can provide extremely low rate, across the per month the following : .08/12 = 0.6666667% , i 've just month of the payment terms so greatly ways, but was not a source is there really good 384.20, and therefore i could not 's speaking whatever she is. as full event, the advantage of the first instalment 'il be both the once per month rate, maybe you 're 0.6666667% by taking 384.2 = 2.56. remission of main is working 384.20 1 - 2.56 = 381.64 such new equilibrium between 8500.00 i do n't 381.64 , i.e. 8118.36 evaluation is located the fact the books have to say the social , thanks merits our handled, because you will be forced take care of be mutually -i 'il miscellaneous way.