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    Below is a detailed list of my total debts. My bi-weekly income is $1200. I work full-time and go to school on my two off days from 10am to 2pm. Stupidity and procrastination have put me in this position, but I accept responsibility for my actions and want to make a change. That said, I am hoping any financial guru or simply an average Joe/Jane can school me on how to get out of this hell I'm in. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated. CREDIT CARDS: BEST BUY 24.24% (v) 3rd $1050 AMAZON 25.99% 28th $815 DISCOVER 18.99% 19th $505 MACY'S 24.99% 1st $410 CAPITAL ONE 14.80% (p) 6th $360 OUTSTANDING BALANCES: TRAFFIC TIX: $350 COMCAST: $300 AMERICAN EXPRESS CHARGE OFF: $285 ZZOUNDS: $300 PAYDAY LOAN: $200 MONTHLY: CAR NOTE:$295 (BEHIND TWO PAYMENTS) INSURANCE: $150 GAS: $100 FOOD: $100 SPRINT: $90 DRY CLEANING: $35

    Not enough info, where is the rent or utilities? Is the income before or after taxes? If you're making $2400 a month after taxes, where is the bulk of your income going? Stop buying clothes that need to be dry cleaned. You're spending $420 a year on dry cleaning. You can purchase a prepaid phone like Samsung R355C from Straight Talk ($70) and reduce your phone bill from $90 a month to $30 a month and you can keep your phone number. f you have high speed internet, then dump your cable, keep the high speed because most shows you can watch online. This is the newest trend anyway. Your APR's are ridiculous, for me anything over 6% is criminal, you're basically paying for all the people that are losing their jobs or having their hours cut and who are defaulting on their credit cards by non-payment. You need to either pay them off or default. I'd close all of the cards except one. See Source below as to how to pay them off. Auto loan companies can repossess your vehicle after 2 to 4 months of non-payment. {CITY} you don't need that car to get to work in. Your insurance is high so you live in a heavily populated area, so your rent is probably high. You may want to go on craigslist and find a room for rent with another person or household. It'd be cheaper than renting (hint: always pick a place where all utilities are included to avoid major drama and expense) Doing this even for part of a year can help you eliminate the $3100 in credit card debt and the $2000 you have in outstanding debt. The monthly rent that you should pay should be only 25% of your take home pay. Stop with the payday loans, they are only for the poorest and dumbest people.

    I could dig deep within myself to take a look at and forgive him. It is viable that he has ultimately noticeable the sunshine and can make his existence beneficial. For your possess sake, attempt to forgive as you could love to be forgiven. The woman might on no account take delivery of him, however might think a few validation for all she has been by way of whilst she will get the apology and cognizance she so merits for what she has been by way of. I would not see a lot purpose even though for her to spend any time with him as soon as he has made his ammends to her, because it might screw together with her head. As a ways as whether or not or now not it used to be "proper" to do away with him out of your household given that of what he did.......all of us have our possess methods of handling such extreme discomfort. Your father is a well guy, and can wish to guard himself and the household from additional disgrace and discomfort. He will must pass in which his middle leads him as this unfolds. Help your brother, however don't draw him so virtually you that he's capable to damage you additional. If he has real converted, he simplest demands the possibility to show matters round-not anything extra. See if you'll be able to deliver him that.

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