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    I just money gramed cityline financial 4,200.00$ to get a 16,ooo.00 loan. they told me i had to give 2,100.00$ more for insurance purposes.i then asked for mymoneyback. they said the will deposit it back in my account in 2 weeks. i dont thank i will ever see it again.anyone had this happen with this financial group..please help!!!

    I am not sure If I have already spoke to some of you over the phone but I was scamed by this company as well and said my refund date is April22 but I have talked to many authorites and said I will not see any money what probably happened is the 888 number is in u.s. but once you call it, it is probably then forwarded to canada where they recieve the calls and I checked canada there is no cityline financial either. I have info I recieved a call from a women this morning telling me she is a property manager at the address they are giving on there supposed to be loan papers and it does not exist to them and she went online to research and contacted me beacause a fraud investigator came to that address. I went to payday advance to come up with money to get this loan I can now not pay them back nor my bills and I have a five month old daugther and my Husband and I work as much as possible. I have people calling me from Boston, colorado, south carolina, Alaska and me in California. No one has reported getting their refund nor their loan. Again please let everyone know this is a fraud and scam feel free to contact me at 530-409-1185 if you want to share stories or you have any more information. Thanks. Pamela N.

    I think you can kiss that money goodbye. Except for maybe a small application fee, don't ever trust anyone that requires you to give them money to get a loan. Notify Money Gram and the state attorney general immediately.

    This is rorychristie,this is my que.. i did both.. called moneygram reported to better buessness burero..i dont know what else 2 do..my husband is deployed he is going to be so mad if i dont get the $ back..i guess a good lesson learned..they are stillanswering my calls. imasking for a fax stating i gave them the 4200.00..hope i at least get that

Why account receivable are negative in the cash flow statement?

  • Frank Kautzer
    Frank Kautzer
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  • Hobart Runolfsson
    Hobart Runolfsson
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